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I was in Norway during the time I actually tried to breastfeed. (I wasn't as lucky as you, Peanut just quit on me because of her GER)

Yes, to the pump being allowed. Have your OB/GYN write a RX allowing you to have a pump, just in case.

As to pumping on the flight. Get a window seat. Take two safety pins on the flight, with a plane blanket, create a "curtain barrier" between you and your hubby. Trust me the possible emberassment of someone looking in over your curtain, is not worth the discomfort of trying to pump in those dirty and tiny water closets. The curtain barrier will work for breastfeeding too.

The pump will work in a foreign country, but take a plug adapter and back up batteries just in case.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all this info is for nothing and you'll be breastfeeding like a pro by your trip :*


Good luck with the traveling!


I just want to congratulate you on your journey back to the boob. Weirdly enough, my own story was similar to yours. It began differently but escalated to formula feedings a go go, cup feedings instead of your finger feedings (quickly abandoned because they were a pain in the ass and extremely messy -- we'd often lose a precious ounce or even more to tiny flailing hands) to bottle feedings, giving her the wimpy amount I could manage to pump plus formula. I was beginning to come terms with the fact that breastfeeding would never work (and wondering how long I had it in me to pump -- it was kind of like the antibonding and it was really getting me down, even after only a few weeks) when we turned a corner. We got back to the boob via nipple shields, suggested by a friend (LCs weren't helpful with getting us a latch). The first week she was on the shields, she gained 5 oz on breastmilk alone and I almost cried in the pedi's office. Then, just when I was resigned to using the damn shield forever and ever amen, she decided the real boob was okay. We've been on the real boob for about two weeks now, and as far as I'm concerned there is no going back.

The weirdest thing of all is that my daughter also has the initials NG. Nora Grey, born 8.18.06.

Good luck with your boobfeeding!

Danielle, Celebrity Baby Blog

I am so sorry for your breastfeeding woes. I am SO MAD at that damn nurse and lactation consultant. I don't understand why someone would be a lactation consultant if they are going to be a shitty one. There's enough lack of information and education about breastfeeding in the world without someeone who is supposed to be knowledgable NOT SHARING THAT KNOWLEDGE!!!


Anyway, I am so happy to hear your daughter is feeding at your breast now. It is a wonderful thing. My daughter is almost 13 months and still a boob girl and I still love it. It's a wonderful way to bond with your baby. Make sure you take lots of photos of you nursing her and check out our breastfeeding gallery... over 450 photos of our readers nursing their children.

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