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I developed Mommy brain while I was pregnant and I ahve never recovered. I am not a "forgetter". I am meticulous about remembering things...until i got pregnant or maybe it even started with the IVF drugs but my brian is total mush now. I go to the grocery store for something and some home with everything but what I originally went in for. i have done this just about every time I have gone grocery shopping. I lost my cell phone (what a total pain) and was certain it was stolen but a security camera proved otherwise so I just lost it! UGH! And don;t get me started on all of the work related things that I jsut forget time and time again. From talking to other friends I don;t think it gets better until I quit breastfeeding.


yup, I always joked that I figured that most of my brain cells left with the placenta. one time i forgot my wallet at the grocery store, so the clerk asked me if i wanted them to put my 2 full carts of groceries in the walk-in fridge till I returned. I declined since I lived down the street. I returned home to discover that my wallet was locked in my apartment with my key. I have no cell phone and I usually climb the balcony to break in my apartment when I've been locked out but I didn't have anywhere safe to put my son. Thank GOD my landlord pulled in 5 minutes later. Just one of many many mommy mushbrain stories. Oh, and I ate like a longshoreman for the 13 months that I breastfed. I just weaned 2 days ago. I'm in pain but I sure don't have much of an appetite. I am hoping the libido and smaller breasts return soon. Enjoy all the goodies you can eat while nursing. I ate so healthy when I was pregnant and unlike a lot of new moms I just gorged myself on whatever I wanted to eat because BF burns so many more calories than pregnancy. Have fun!

plucky punk

Yeah breastfeeding makes me starving and parched. I drink a gallon of gatorade a day. And I could totally go for a pot roast right about now.


Oh yes! I too joke about how my brain went out with the placenta. It's amazing how absent-minded I am since my son was born... And I used to be so organised and have a freakishly good memory. I'm also hungry and thirsty still, after 8 months of breastfeeding... just like I was during pregnancy...

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