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As they get older and stronger, a baby CAN eat that much that fast. My little Junebug can eat on both sides in 12 minutes, approx. 6 minutes a side. Where it used to take 20-30 minutes to nurse him, it is now much faster. I'm so glad NG is warming up to the boob! :)


It's definitely possible that she's eating enough that quickly. My niece and nephew both BF so fast, it was unbelievable. I used to joke they'd suck so hard I thought my SIL's boob was going to get turned inside out. The little buggers just get very effective at emptying the breast!


Several thoughts-Morning is also when she is just waking up-everyone is relaxed-the day's long agenda's haven't begun yet. Deadlines of the day are less "loomy". You could try to copy that "morning respite" by going back into the bedroom, or a "nursing station," and snuggling down for a focused and relaxed nurse every time. Don't change her diaper/bib, comb her hair or ANYTHING else. If she is making feeding motions-go feed her! (Getting her on with the shield ok) If you can concentrate on this for even a solid week-you may get yourself over this 'hump.'If-as you suspect-milk production is a bit off (as it is for the best of us dairy queens as the day wears on), you might try the supplemental nurser again with the day/evening feedings, filled with breast milk. That way-she will still be at the breast-but getting her fill as well. While no one will even point a finger here-as you have certainly given everything the old college try-this may be your BEST chance to 'grab the moment' and relearn in the direction of total breastfeeding. Think of every chance to nurse as a chance to spend total quality time with her at HER pace, try and catch her hunger before she is frantic and go hide and nurse...drop everything else...if it works-and it well might-you will save oodles of time and energy in the end. Give yourself at least a week, or even two. You really didn't get a chance to do this emmersion connection with her when she was new-too much going on. If she doesn't totally take to it-you can continue doing what alot of working moms do. Part time nursing and part time pump/bottle. It may really help to start this on a weekend-or G's day's off-so that he can be the only one to offer "other methods" , while you remain the one and only "boob.", or boob/supplementer"...sorry-couldn't resist:) Remember-even if she is "hanging out" on the breast-mostly asleep and drooling-she is still stimulating milk production. Give yourself permission to sit and watch the world go by. At two months-she is really starting to interact with the world-and will treasure the "break" herself. This sudden ability to seek the tighter connection of breastfeeding is part of her developing nervous system understanding more nuances. There is a terrific article on "rebonding" in this quarters "Mothering" magazine Good luck.


I agree with the others about nursing quickly. My son started out nursing for 30 minutes or so when he would get going, although he fought it so much most of the time it was 5 minutes of nursing interspersed with 30 minutes of screaming (and he wasn't any better with a bottle!) but like a light switch, at 3 months, all of a sudden he started liking eating. He nursed for about 20 minutes then, and as he got older he got down to about 10 minutes or so for most of our daytime feedings. Early morning feedings always took longer because I had a lot of milk, but I too had doubts that he could possibly be empyting my breasts in that amount of time, but he did. A couple of times I tried to stick the pump on afterwards and nothing came out! So it is possible she's getting good at nursing, can you believe it! Congratulations, and I hope your good luck continues. I think it's so great that you have persevered and kept on trying. You are proof that if you're determined enough, breastfeeding can work somehow in some way. Yay!


I've found my baby is far more efficient with breastfeeding and seems to be full after a little while. If she stays on it is for comfort and when I roll her off the milk is gushing out of her mouth.

plucky punk

Ditto on the quick feeds. I can tell if Abbie is done because her sucking will go from strong "suck suck suck, swallow" to a sort of weak, fluttery "sucksucksuck" without swallowing.

Good luck with the continued breastfeeding! Abbie seems to be exhibiting symptoms of teething, even though I think it's *way* too early.


Where the heck have I been all week. What amazing news. How very awesome for both of you.

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