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Hi!! Try feeding her while you run a hot shower. I create kind of a steam room in my bathroom sit on the toilet and let her eat. I exclusively pump, so we just sit in there and relax. It makes it a whole lot easier for her to eat and breathe. You might want to try Saline nose drop, put a couple of drops in each nostril and then use the bulb thing to suck out some of boogers. I know the saline helps keep the nasal passage moist. I recommend
There bulb is a lot more baby friendly then the standard blue one. You can use saline drops to help you as well. Sorry I can’t recommend anything for you other then rest and orange juice. I was too afraid to take anything when I was sick in risk of hurting my supply and my little one. Good luck! Hope you feel better soon.


I'm pregnant and just got over a killer cold. I assumed I couldn't take anything, so my acupuncturist recommended wasabi peas for my congestion.
I also drank Powerade, which has B complex vitamins and is a lot more soothing on the sinus passages when you're feeling really dehydrated but still drinking tons of water. The Powerade seemed like a wonderdrug to me and let me sleep well at night after days of being miserable.
Went to my OB after the cold was up and she says I could have had Robitussen as well. Not sure if that stands for breastfeeding moms, but if you need relief just for your flight home, it might be the short-term trick.
Good luck and feel better!

Susan Wensel

You might also want to try peppermint tea for yourself (the mint is a little too strong for a baby) -- the menthol will help thin and break up the congestion. Ricola (which I think is available in Europe) also makes a good cough drop. I find the horehound, hyssop and comfrey is best, as long as you have no allergies to penicillin (the mold used to make penicillin grows naturally on the hyssop plant).

As far as keeping your ears from bursting, try some gum. Again, peppermint (with the natural oil) is probably your best bet. Even if you want to sleep on the plane, DON'T use earplugs; it will cause your ears to ache terribly, like you ruptured an eardrum. For baby, give her a bottle during take-off and landing and during any serious altitude changes when avoiding turbulence or storms.

Another thing you can try is menthol-based rubs like Vicks. Don't place it on your or baby's skin, but rather on a cloth like a scarf or bib that will let the oils get to your air passages without getting overly absorbed through the skin.



Safe for babies older than 3 months; Vicks Babyrub. Contains aloe, rosemary oil, lavendar oil & eucalyptus oil. Rub on neck, chest and back. Do not heat - natural oils warm on their own.


Sudafed for your ears. My doc recommended years ago when I was flying a lot. It only lasts 4 hours so I can't imagine it doing NG any harm and you will be SO much happier.


NO SUDAFED!!!! It will dry up your milk!!! No decongestants at all babe! Sorry! Think about it. They are drying agents. They work to dry the mucous up, they will dry your milk up. Nononono! You have come this far, too far to lose any to a cold!


Her milk isn't going to dry up from one dose of Sudafed. Come on. She can take a half dose instead of the full one. As for the baby, use a bulp aspirator thingie. They work great. And I second the Vicks, rub it on her chest, I also put some on my baby's nose, just a little. It does work. I've never heard of anyone;s eardrums rupturing from flying with a cokld. Is this real or another urban myth?


I got these for my nana before she went on a plane, but I'm not sure if they deliver to a latin american country. You can give them a try. This catalog has great stuff for baby travel. I love their stuff. Good luck. I also second the peppermint tea and vicks vapor rub.


Hi! Congratulations on your pumping. It's so nice to read. :) I'm pumping while at work still for my 10 month old.

I hate to say this, but when I took anything to help clear up congestion, my milk supply went down the day I took it. It was a temporary dip, like the cold medication just dried up more than my nose. I was given the ok for sudefed or benedryl while breastfeeding.

Good luck!



Keeping everyone in a semi-upright position helps to drain the nasal passages and eustachean tubes. A large chair in the hotel, or lots of pillows etc. Gently rubbing in small circles from earlobe down the side of the neck, and rubbing the ears and gently tugging them back-up and down from the head also helps to straighten the eustachean tube-aiding it to drain. Depending on NG's sleeping arrangements-you can elevate the head of the crib on blocks, phone books or even another peice of furniture, set her upright in her car seat to sleep, or have her in the pack while you sit up. This sounds gross-but I swear it saved my babies life one time-she had a terribly stuffy nose and would get so clogged she couldn't breathe through it at all. We were in the shower doing just what everyone recommended, when a large glob decided to lodge and block her passages completely. Gently cover their entire mouth and nose and give a quick-VERY GENTLE suck. It startles them-but it got my little one unclogged in a hurry-when I was rather helplessly naked, wet and without a bulb syringe! To help loosen phlegm in the chest so that they can "caugh" it up. Lay them on all sides, back and front and do what we call-again very gently-"Cupping". It is a technique used on all sorts of phlegmy lung disorders and works well. Take your hands and hold them with fingers together and palm cupped-as if you were trying to keep water from escaping. Keep them like that, but turn them palm side down and gently and rythmically "clap" from the bottom of the rib cage to the top, on either side of the sternum and spine. Their head can be slightly lower than their butt to help gravity drain it-but the main use for it is to cause internal "vibration" which helps loosen the phlegm from the lung tissue. Think of it as gentle slap massage. You should be getting a bit of a "woof" sound rather than a sharp slapping sound. Try it on your thigh or chest first if you like. Alternate your hands in rapid succession and do it several times a day if necessary, but certainly if it looks like she is "clogging." Babies will not always get a fever-always go by behaviors. If her appetite really falls up, she becomes lethargic, her breathing becomes more rapid or labored-get her to a doctor to be assessed for pneumonia. When I was at home-I also would rig up a "mist tent" by placing them in their car seat inside the crib or playpen-which were never used for anything but holding stuff anyhow-put a vaporizor either in or outside of the crib/pen-depending on their age and relative mobility-and covering the whole cabboodle with a sheet, so that the vapor and mist was very concentrated while they snoozed. They can get damp and chilled however-so they would go in there sometimes looking bundled for a blizzard! I did actually give mine weak peppermint tea at times, with a pinch of salt in it, but most anything else seems to have a rebound sort of effect and they become more stuffed and uncomfortable than if it is all left to time, liquids and rest. Following the babies lead is a good thing. Since "G" is with you and you find yourselves still dealing with an occasional bottle-that is a good time to add a bit of extra water-sometimes they don't like straight water and it is a pain to get them to take it. Diluting the bottle a bit-accomplishes the same thing in a sneaky way. If you can work it-make yourself the dairy queen and have "G" do any and all of the bottles-she'll figure that one out pretty quick too, and she may get it straighter in her mind that way. Sounds like overall you are on the up and up! good for you!


I like the Vicks Babyrub when my son has colds...and a humidifier.

For me, I now worship Tylenol Sinus Congestion and Cold.


I would try some fenegreek tea - it aids congestion and also builds milk supply. You put a teaspoon of seeds in a cup and fill with boling water. Once you've drunk it you can reuse the same seeds and add more water. 2 or 3 cups a day is good. And don't stop suddenly or your supply will go down.

aliza at babyfruit

Thanks everyone for the tips! I've got my nursing tea that has fenugreek and I've picked up some effervescent multivitamins. Someone we met from the States gave me her supply of Airborne (which my naturopath had okayed), and I just finished that. We've been hanging out in the steamy bathroom. And our pediatrician said give her a little bit of water 2x a day - she loves it. We give it to her in her substitute bottle (VentAire) that is much smaller than her Playtex Nurser and she holds it herself. We're readying for the flight. Will update in a few days to let you know how it went.


Hi which latin american country are you going to?
If it is Argentina or Chile they should have what you may need for babies as there are pharmacies "Farmacias" everywhere.


I am on my third baby and it scares me to death to put anything extra into my little ones. I am also breastfeeding. I say get through it as best you can and keep it simple like the steamy bathroom. I hope that you feel better soon. I really enjoy your blog. It is good to see a little support floating around.

Jennifer Basye Sander

Hey there Aliza. Haven't checked in with you for soooo long that I missed the whole pregnancy/baby thing! Wow! Wonderful! We traveled a lot internationally with our first son (way harder with two) and traveling with a little baby makes the whole world your friend. In France we were stars on the street, in Asia they made a big fuss. Soak it all up, it is an entirely different travel experience.
Jennifer Basye Sander


Hey I just read the November issue of Parents!!!! Good job NG!!!! You are famous!!!!!!


I am not suggesting peppermint tea since this specific herb has an adverse influence on milk supply (fennel and chamomile on the other hand will boost production a little). Try having her inhale the steam (not directly - too hot!) of chamomile tea. This plant helps with inflammations and swellings also of the respiratory system. Vapo rub is also great but if the baby is very little might be irritating to the skin. You can also put it on a handkerchief and place it inbetween a layer of clothes (eg: onesies and shirt). As to the ear pressure. I don't think there is very much to help that. Try yawning and swallowing a lot while take-off. Good luck!

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