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I have been reading for a long time, but this is the first time I have ever posted.

I just wanted to welcome you to breastfeeding an "older" baby! All the things that NG is doing...grabbing boob, bra, slapping, is all COMPLETELY normal and common for an older baby. They are more awake and aware at the breast and love to entertain themselves this way! All three of my kids went through this phase. If it really bugs you, you can attempt to distract her...otherwise just know it is normal and VERY common! It will in all likelyhood, get more distracting before it gets better.

I was so touched and glad to read that you are starting to have wonderful breastfeeding moments with NG as well. I think that having a baby smile at you while nursing may be one of the most powerful moments of a mom's life and I am so grateful that you have been able to experience it.



Congradulations on breastfeeding :D

You can definitely get your supply up... you'll just have to nurse more... it works better than pumping. I'm sure you know that its all about supply and demand. And if you want your baby to nurse fulltime, you'll have to just get her to the boob; I know how hard it is when they reject it because bottle feeding is so much easier for them. I've been there. But, my dd and I got through it and went on to nurse for 4 yrs! I was very determined to get rid of that bottle (put her on one bottle/day at night because of being uninformed concerning certain medications which I've since found out you can nurse with).

If you need any support, feel free to email me!


The whacking, grabbing and pinching - yeah - ouch. Try giving her a face washer to grab instead - and if you find a better answer let us know.
oh - and emery boards are good for the nails.


What about a nursing necklace to keep her occupied while on the boob? Worked wonders with my DD!

plucky punk

Yeah Abbie totally does the flailing punching thing too. And sometimes she reaches up and pulls on the *other* nipple...ouch!

She also has the fun habit of, if you're holding her, reaching up and trying to pull your lips off your face. Yay!

1. I love the way she stops feeding for a moment, turns to look up at me and smiles really big, then resumes feeding.

Abbie does this too. It totally makes up for her trying to pull my lips off.


Tricky does all the flailing and arching and grabbing and looking about still with the nipple in his mouth (ow) I found if I covered his I put a wooly cap on his head and pulled it down over his forehead...he would settle a bit better. A bit.


yeah, the "pull my lips off my face" thing - NG is doing that, too!

why don't they write about these things in books? or in the parenting magazines?

thank God for blogs!


Because no sane woman would then knowingly have a baby!


Probably she "rejects" the breast because she is not really hungry. Instead of giving her a bottle, try entertaining or distracting her and then come back to it in 20-30 minutes. These things are normal for a nursing baby. Wait until she starts "twiddling". Argh! Twiddling is grabbing the other nipple while nursing, and many babies are maddeningly persistent about it. Also, biting is probably in your future. Your baby is old enough to learn discipline, so if she is doing anything you don't like, unlatch her, put her down, let her pout a bit, and then give her a chance another time. She can and will learn "the rules."


I second the nursing necklace, any necklace with a strong chain or thread would work. The flailing could be gas though, so try burping her if she's really wiggly and check her position to make sure she's belly-to-belly with you or she'll swallow a lot of air. My 3 month old does the flailing and it seems to help if I hook his leg over my arm and pat his bottom while he nurses. My older son would stick his fingers in my mouth while nursing and I would pretend to bite them. It kept him from watching TV, at least! (just wait till she discovers that trick!) I agree with the other poster that said she probably isn't hungry if she's refusing the breast. Wait a bit and try again and if she still refuses then a bottle's ok, but remember to pump after.


Hi. Just wanted to send you a link to a wonderful girl that makes great nursing necklaces! I've purchased a couple from her and she is so friendly and can make pretty much anything. They REALLY helped us. I have a twiddler and I can't tell you how nice it is to have her twiddle something other than me.

WTG on the nursing. You are doing a great job!

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