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Plain Jane Mom

That's a tricky situation... I'm sorry it is happening to you! I don't have any brilliant assvice other than just make what is the right decision for YOU. Good luck!


You say she has a cold; maybe she can't breathe properly when she's trying to nurse and it's making her mad? Possibly it'll get better in a day or two if you just hang in there? I feel for you; my daughter had a cleft lip and palate and so she couldn't nurse at all. I exclusively pumped for 9 months and I'm grateful she got the milk she did, but I still wish she could have nursed. Pumping is hard work! You've done really well to get this far. I hope things get back on track, good luck!


So sorry you are having a tough time. Would pumping every 2 hours to mimic a baby's behavior during a growth spurt help your supply? Also, extra rest, e.g. napping when she naps, can do wonders. Maybe you could just spend a day or two taking it easy, sleeping, pumping and holding her. I also hope she will nurse more as she gets over her cold. I think it's difficult for a baby to nurse with a blocked up nose. She has to keep letting go to get a breath and it takes a little more effort to get the milk flowing again than with a bottle. Best wishes to you and NG.


My bet (and for hunfreds of dollars) is that she's too stuffed up to nurse. If you can get a little breastmilk into her nostrils it'll help thin it out so you can use the bulb syringe to suck some out. Or try the saline. There's also a product called Little Noses that's basically Afrin for babies. It clears their snot up. I wouldn't use it all the time, but right before bed or to get a kid to nurse I would absolutely do it.

It's hard to nurse stuffed up. I don't think she's rejecting the boob, but is just trying to eat and breathe at the same time.

aliza at babyfruit

Thanks for the tips - very helpful. Will try a little of everything this weekend. She did latch on and nurse a minute or so last night so it is not over yet! Of course, this morning, I could only pump less than 1/4th an ounce per breast. Yikes! Will keep on pumpin'.

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