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How did you come up with that list of foods? We started solids on saturday and tried organic rice cereal. It went well the first night but then he lost interest. We tried peas and James seemed to like them better than the rice cereal. How are you preparing the pumpkin seeds? That list sounds a lot more interesting than what we have planned. Thanks!


Where are the carrotts, sweet potatoes and zuchini? Sweet potatoes are a fave (at least at that age...)Boy oh boy are you entering a fun stage. Surprised about pumpkin seeds. We were told no nuts whatsoever (especially peanuts) until much older.

aliza at babyfruit

The list came from my naturopath - not sure where she got it. The schedule is based on the least allergenic foods and also the highest iron and best to give based on age. I'm doing the 6-8 month foods right now. They are divided by highest Fe Levels, Moderate/high Fe, Medium and Significant.

Carrots and all types of squash as well as sweet potatoes are on the 9-12 month list.

Pumpkin seeds are not nuts. This is what I found online to explain:
"Like cantaloupe, cucumber, and squash, pumpkins and pumpkin seeds belong to the gourd or Cucurbitaceae family."

They are also not allergenic like peanuts or walnuts. Peanuts isn't even on the list at any age. Walnuts are on the 18-24 month section along with egg, yogurt (cow's), cashew butter, rye, yeast and wheat.

I'm going to mash the pumpkin seeds in the baby mill and then make a watery paste with breastmilk. If they are okay for her, then I can mix them with the other foods that are okay.

There are 30 foods in all for 6-8 months. Some are things that I cannot find right now like dandelion greens, Jeruselam artichokes and endive - especially can't find organic. There are also some seaweeds like dulse and kelp.

Captain Mom/4tops

Hey, don't know if it's approved, I never asked anyone...but our baby just adored smashed avocado, and later, little cubes when he could pick them up...great source of good fats and protein, too...


Baby Eggs has been on solids for about six weeks - homemade apple, pear, peach puree. Sweet potato, pumpkin, zucchini, broccoli, avacado, spinach. parsnip etc.. I tried most things on their own first but now I mix. No dairy, nuts, eggs until she is one. I tried chicken this week mixed with parsnip and zucchini. There's a great author called Annabel Karmel, who is the British baby food guru. Her cookbooks are good (although she does add unsalted butter into her recipes, which I leave out).


What kind of mill do you use? Would you recommend it? I love the idea of doing the pumpkin seeds! Yum!


KidCo baby food mill - hand crank - easy to use. Easy to clean.

I bought it for $13 at a natural foods store.

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