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P. was diagnosed with a heart murmur when she was 6 days old. It wasn't detected until that point, even though we were hospitalised the entire time.

She had her follow-up appointment a few weeks ago and the murmur seems to heal itself. From what I understand most heart murmurs resolve themselves quite early on. It may be that NG's murmur is so minimal, thus it hasn't been found before now.

If the heart murmur doesn't heal on its own, sometimes a diuretic is prescribed. The assumption is that it will aid in the murmur's healing. Other times, if a murmur is small enough, doctors are comfortable just letting it exist. Apparently a lot of people have murmurs and don't even know it.

Only rarely does it lead to any sort of heart surgery. I know it's easy to say not to worry, but heart murmurs occur in a rather high percentage of babies. When P. was diagnosed with hers, about 5 or 6 people amongst my family and group of friends either had murmurs themselves as babies, or had people close to them who did.


WEIRD. I took my daughter to the doctor yesterday becuase she was sick. They also detected a heart murmur. Like NG, the doc said it didn't sound dangerous. They suggested just keeping an eye on it during her regular visits.

Of course, I am still worried.

I am curious -- what do you expect to learn from the nurse practitioner or naturopath that you haven't learned from a pediatrician, who is a specialist in children's medicine? And while I am not familiar with the American health system, do all your health care providers know about each other? It seems to me if they were famiiar with each other's specialities, you could receive more effective care. That is, so they wouldn't contradict each other or be suggesting courses of action that may create opposite effects. In my experience when I wanted a second opinion, I went to a second similar provider, not someone completely different, or if I could, to the next step above. I am a little confused because there seem to be so many players in your health care structure.

The only think I know about anemia is that extra iron tends to be constipating. In this instance, you may want to chat with your NP about what to anticpate -- you mentioned in an earlier post that NG isn't eating wheat?


My son had a heart murmur detected at 9 weeks. We went to a pediatric cardiologist and had an EKG done. The murmur was declared benign. The Dr. said a murmur is just a noise your heart makes and that a ton of people have heart murmurs that are never detected. Dr.'s will sometimes catch them when kids are really little because their chest cavity is so little and they can hear them better. For peace of mind, I would go to the specialist. An EKG is painless and takes 10 minutes and is worth the peace of mind in my opinion!


They detected a heart murmur with my daughter when she was still in the hospital and said that occurred more often than not. If it was still present at the six month appointment my ped would do a referral to a ped heart specialist. At six months the murmur was still there and they did the referral. Not because they were worried - heart murmurs are more common than you think and many go undetected and most infants grow out of them. The murmurs simply disappear. Where the concern lies, and why they referred as to a cardiologist at six months is my family history and my OWN heart murmur. My murmur is not organic (the kind that all lot of people have that never leads to anything). Because I am the dominant parent and have blood pressure and heart problems we went for the test. She had the baby EKG and a sonagram and everything was fine. This after a small hole in a chamber had been detected during pregnancy. Don't panic. It's pretty common and she'll probably grow out of it. Another thing I learned was that if my daughter wasn't growing (she was and still is 95% for height and 35% for weight); that would be a concern. However, NG is growing right? Do you have a murmur that has led to myrocardiatis or an infarction? Do you have high blood pressure? If you do not have a background of this, calm down. Get the test done if you want just to give you peace of mind. It will not hurt her but please don't over react. Also note that when your child has a fever the murmur will be more prevalant. That's actually how I was diagnosed as a 7 year old after a bout with a 105 fever. Take a deep breath and relax.

aliza at babyfruit

Thanks for the feedback so far. In quick response:

1. I was diagnosed 10+ years ago with mitral valve prolapse (also common like murmurs). Family history of some heart disease & high blood pressure but my blood pressure has always been very low.

2. I'm going to a naturopath for several reasons:

She knows NG's history and has treated her before;

she can be another set of ears listening to NG's heart;

I've been following the diet she provided for introducing solids so want to make sure I'm doing it right (re: the anemia);

because iron causes constipation, there are great iron supp options that naturopaths use that are less likely to cause ill effects so I want to explore options.

As far as I can tell, NG only has 2 consistent health providers - a pediatrician & a naturopath. They compliment each other and are aware of what the other is recommending.

3. I'm also calling the pediatric cardiologist my pediatrician referred me to just for their thoughts.

Just covering the bases, not freaking out. She is growing, active, alert and not turning blue.



I don't think you have nothing to worry about NG's heart murmur. When I went in to get my youngest daughter checked up for her dental surgery. the doctor detected a heart murmur. I was so scared. Went to get to heart tested at the hospital and everything turned out to be fine. I also looked "heart murmur" on the computer and they said it is quite commen in babies and toddlers. Hope that makes you feel a little bit better.


I have no idea if this applies to infants...this is probably something your naturopath would help with...but I do know that in ADULTS, calcium majorly blocks iron absorption. Vitamin C greatly increases iron absorption. And in adults, absorption of plant-based iron is dismal, to say the least. Is there a baby-safe version of, say, geritol, that you could get NG to take and chase with a little juice or a vitamin c tablet of some kind? Or baby-safe itty bitty iron tablets?


Howdy! Been a long time since I have been around. I can speak to both side of the heart murmur issue. My DH was diagnosed with a supposed innocent murmur as a baby, at age 10 a cardiologist listened to it and decided it was much more serious. He was a normal, healthy and growing child despite his congenital heart defect.

Not information intended to scare you, just encouraging you to get it checked out by a specialist. They will be able to tell you right away if it is innocent, and it probably is, or something else.

On the flip side, 2 of my 3 children have had murmurs detedted. We had each checked out by my husband's cardiologist and each were innocent and resolved over time.

I would definitely not panic, she is healthy and growing. But it is always a good idea to get those kind of things double checked.


It is so hard not to worry and get panicky when your child has ANYTHING going on with them. The only thing I wanted to add is that I've been told that anemia can actually cause a heart murmur. Did your pediatrician mention that? Perhaps the Naturopath could tell you more. Good luck!


Just an fyi for you re: mitral valve prolapse (which is what I was diagnosed with). You are aware that the protocal has changed regarding antibiotics before getting your teeth cleaned etc? Changed about 3 years ago. However, something that I have been struggling with for the past 16 months is a bad viral heart infection called myocarditis. I thought it was a combination of the motherhood panic attacks and a bad flu that wouldn't go away. It wasn't till my fever spiked about last May and I ended up in the ER the first time that I was diagnosed with it. Seems that us adults that have mitral valve prolapse with other factors are predispositioned to this exposure. Just an fyi to keep this in mind.


My son was diagnosed with a heart murmur around 3 months old. He was referred to a pediatric cardiologist. He had an EKG and an echocardiogram (an ultrasound of the heart). He had several small holes in his heart that were causing the murmur. None were deemed to be serious enough for surgery. The cardiologist monitored him and he had several ultrasounds to see the progress. By 1 year of age, all but one hole had closed and the murmur was gone. Murmurs are very common but I would check into it just for your own peace of mind.


Hi Aliza

Thanks for clarifying that. The beauty of blogs is that they are international; the challenge of blogs is that they are international. We don't all have the same frame of reference. How refreshing to see collaborative care at work.

Hope you get good news from the PC. Thanks for sharing your experiences.


They detected a heart murmer in my son when he was about 3 weeks old. He said not to worry about it and just keep an eye on it. He's 5 months old now and they've never heard it again since!

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