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While this massage is recommended for infertility problems, pms, fibroids, etc., I experienced the treatment two weeks after my radical hystorectomy in 05. No uterus why do it? Because of the immense trauma of such surgery and resulting swelling, poor blood flow, increase of scar tissue (on top of a c-section 2yrs before, and a myomectomy 16 months before that). It quickly returned my mobility, swelling was greatly diminished, bathroom functions quickly restored and cut the 12 week rehab time in half. While I have not kept up with it, and know it would also help my lower back, I will resume it in DC again along with the home massage techniques you are taught. Strongly recommend for women that have a uterus or don't, dealing with infertility issues, pms, fibroids, heavy periods. It does help.


Does it hurt at all when they massage you??

Considering trying it after my c-section in may. Had a c-section 18 years ago, too, and was told when trying to get pregnant this time that I had a tilted uterus. Between that and the promise of helping bowel problems after major abdominal surgery - sounds great!


Massage in general is awesome. I am happy to learn about this technique as well. I read that 90% of doctor visits stem from a stress related illness. Anything that helps reduce stress is good. Hands on healing, we all need human touch and interaction, increased blood flow, the release of toxins...the benefits outweigh the cons. Learn more at Thanks for the great blog and really speaking your mind.

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