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I don't think the mama-bear call is much different than the pain-scream a baby makes. It's so different that we respond differently and immediately.

When I walk along with my son on the sidewalk, I walk on the side closest to the street...just in case a car jumps the curb, I will try to be the "barrier" between him and the object.


What a powerful feeling, to know that your instincts are so closely tied to your baby's safety. Glad you could free her!


What a timely post! I was just having this conversation with my husband the other day after he commented jokingly that he never knew me to be a violent person prior to having a baby (he meant violent like being on the offensive when it comes to protecting our child). I told him it was the Mama Bear in me. Since then I've been thinking of myself as a Mama Bear too... I really feel ya. So far, no super human strength for me though! : )


Wait till you have to control the "mamma bear" by resisting the urge to strong arm a bully that's been continually tormenting your little angel. That's a tough one. Mama bear in zoo, mama bear in jail...hmm?


Glad she is okay


Wow -- what anxiety -- I trembled everytime I went out with my child in the stroller. It's a very powerful instinct.

You and your other readers may be interested in knowing of a study just released in Canada that examined injuries to children under three or four: apparently this doctor had a patient -- a little boy toddler in the ER who had pulled down the tv even though it was thought to be too heavy to come down. They did some research and discovered that there were more than 100 of these types of injuries. I am trying to track down the link as I only caught the tail end on the radio. If I find it, I will repost.

I went out and bought one of those hooky things to keep my furniture stationary. I still remember the day I found my child standing on a chair with a stack of books to lever the height. They are so quick to learn and problem solve, and of course, not realizing the other kinds of problems that can be created ...

Best Pink


Here it is. Pink

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