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Glad to hear that you went to see your naturopath, although damn BCBS...

I'm still losing a lot of hair too (7 months pp), though maybe not quite as much as you are, I don't know, but wanted to mention that I did get my hair cut (just to slightly above the shoulders) about 3 months ago and that seemed to help, especially while washing and brushing.


I know how discomfiting hair loss can be! Try not to stress too much about it. Did you know that hair loss is a common reaction to a stressful event or illness about 4-6 months earlier? I've had this experience twice in my life, both due to stressful illnesses and then months later, bam, my hair fell out. Like massive, scary amounts. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about this sort of hair loss except let nature take its course and make sure you are eating well and exercising. BTW -- my hair is just now getting back to its former glory with loads of tiny new growth, makes styling a challenge!


A bit off the subject of hairloss but right in line with your bigger blogging issues...I wondered if you had checked out the book Mojo Mom. I got it for Mother's Day from my mom and it is a great read. I thought you might want to check out the book and website Also is pretty interesting as well.


hope you're doing well, enjoying great weather and your fantastic baby!! =)

jasmine cams

I've basically been doing nothing to speak of. Basically nothing seems worth thinking about. I feel like a void, but that's how it is. I've just been hanging out doing nothing.

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