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I've heard so many stories of bath-pooping from other parents. I think it's practically required of babies :)

Blue Momma

So funny! I have a 2 1/2 year old boy (now potty training yea!) and have yet to get peed on, but he has let them float in the bathtub several times. It's so gross, but part of it I guess. Love your site - I've had multiple miscarriages also (two in past eight months) so I can relate. Also will soon be 39 so need to hurry up on the next bundle of joy!

This happens a lot. It's just a baby thing. But maybe next time try *not* freaking out and screaming, and maybe then you won't freak out N. It's just poo, which can be cleaned up. No reason for her to be "crying hysterically".

aliza at babyfruit

Bad choice of words on my part. I actually just called out to hubby who was in another room to help me because I was about to remove a squiggly wet baby from the tub. We were actually laughing at the whole thing. And NG cried hysterically only because she was removed from her favorite place - the tub. She just wanted back in and didn't understand why she was removed so abruptly. She knew we weren't upset but was pretty pissed that she was out of the tub.


Gotta love anything that provides urgent motivation to scrub the bathtub! Or, is that just me? : )


Just did this yesterday. Of course she SWAM IN IT for a little bit before I noticed. So I moved her to another tub for another bath and yes gave it a scrub down later on and ran the toys through the dishwasher.


I don't have kids (yet) but in my experience with other people's children, there is something about warm bath water that relaxes the bowels. NG probably associates baths with relaxation, and what better time for a poop?

Once, when I was younger, my mom bathed my brother and I together. He pooped in the water. We never bathed together again.

Hah - Ok. That makes more sense. Mine love the tub more than food some days too. ;)


Too funny! Our very first bath in the infant tub included the baby pooping in it! I said, "Shoot! They don't cover this in any of the parenting/newborn books!" Thankfully she hasn't made a habit of this (yet).


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