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I never BF or pumped - I went straight to formula for personal reasons. So, I can't really say for sure if your reaction was due to the stopping of pumping. However, what I do know is that you are changing your hormonal environment by stopping the pumping, so it makes sense that this could happen to you. And, as your body gets used to not pumping, the reaction should subside. Your body takes so long to adjust to PG in the first place, it would not be surprising that it would the same as you give birth and end BF/pumping.

Glad to see that your medical professionals respect your wish to take a natural path to the anxiety and anger. I hope you can continue this way and feel better - and more yourself again.


Oh yeah, it seems like most everybody I've talked to about weaning had some sort of emotional upheaval as a result that was probably tied to the hormones. It'll settle down naturally on its own. Glad you are feeling better already.


Oh, geez... I don't have any personal experience with that yet, but I'm not surprised that a serious hormonal readjustment would occur. I'll consider myself warned.

Your naturopath sounds awesome! How great of her to be totally, honestly supportive and non-judgemental of your wish to continue pumping for NG, until you decided that it was the right time for you to stop. I just love that! And it's encouraging that she is looking forward to proceeding with your treatment in such a positive way. I hope it's not too long before you are feeling completely well (and completely you!) again, for good.


I didn't have any hormonal shifts when I quit pumping. I didn't get engorged, and dried up pretty quick. Sorry to hear it has been so hard on you. I personally found it very liberating to quit, and was thrilled to have my body back to myself after pregnancy and pumping. I hope your hormones even out soon.


Same thing happened to me when I stopped breastfeeding my son when he was 7 months old. I think I'd been battling with PPD, but was not completely falling apart. When I stopped BFing, I fell apart. Suicidal, horrible, PPD. That is the first time I got treatment.


I was barely producing any milk for the last few months that I pumped, so not sure if that is why I didn't have any reaction when I stopped pumping. It was such a sweet relief to not have to carve out chunks of the day to produce 1/10 of an ounce.

OTOH, I am pregnant again (my daughter is almost a year and the new baby will be 19 months younger) so who knows what will happen next time!


What you experienced is COMPLETELY normal for many women. Yes, when you go cold turkey, you'll have a significant shift in hormones. Prolactin, estrogen, all of it. AND, you aren't getting your "high" from the oxytocin, which I think is habit forming. Once I stop pumping and breastfeeding (I only make about 5 ounces a day), I'm going to miss that buzz.
Anyway, don't feel bad about the change in mood. Just try to replace the calming cuddly effects of letdown with something else, like vigorous exercise.


I feel ok, but I have had the worst acne. So my hormones are doing something wrong...


I bf and pumped as well. My DD is 18mths old now.

I felt exactly the same way as you described. I became a Monster wife from HELL and I suffered from major depression, always bursting out into tears and lashing out for nothing!

It will pass eventually..took me 6mths though *humpf*

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yeah i have heard of others who have gone through this. you are not alone

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