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Nope, Other peoples babies are adorable. My own bring back memories of PPD and sleep deprivation. For me the fun started when they were 9 months old. They got solid, slept better, interacted. After two is when it got harder again but, more satisfying. They could make simple crafts, be part of things, "help" with things. Its a shame that infancy was so difficult that I couldnt enjoy it.


I've been thinking recently how I wish my maternity leave started now rather than when P was born. I've only begun to properly enjoy her within the past few months, so it's such a shame I'm going back to work now.

In essence, no, you're not alone.


The nostalgia will come later, if it ever comes. I felt this relief, too. But when they get really big ... have their secrets and their relationships to all kind of people.... well I at least find myself looking back at their pictures sighing for the times when they came to sleep in my bed, when I could kiss them without asking politely, when I could hold them on my arm....

*sob* they were SO cute! They are still cute but I dare not call them cute any more....

But every stage of development is enjoyable. Enjoy!


I haven't had my baby yet, but knowing myself I think I will like the years that she can start doing somethings for herself better than the newborn infant days.

Maria's work

I agree, I liked the baby stage but was glad to get to the toddler stage. We always hit a routine with the girls right around 6 months, but once they could move and interact as toddlers found it way more intersting...

As the stated above ages 2-3 will also be 'challenging', as they are trying to communicate with words, & can't find them, and it can be quite frustrating for them.


I totally thought I was going to be a baby person. I had always loved other people's babies. Not so, it actually upset me how much I didn't like the baby stage. I was so relieved when my first daughter got older. I think though it depends on the type of baby you have, Payton was so so hard, fussy fussy fussy fussy. I didn't know babies could be like that. My new baby is 4 months and I find myself enjoying her babyhood much more than I did her sister, even though I have 2 to deal with now. The difference being her temperment. She is just simply more enjoyable to be around.


I totally agree!!! my son is currently 23 months old and started sleeping through the night merely 4 months ago....he was the ultimate "high need baby" and i must say that without the help of dr. sears books i would have really lost it....he is so much fun now, but of course still challenging sometimes. I have had two miscarriages this year and am now contemplating just keeping it to one's still hard i had images of 6 babies.....


I'm so glad to hear someone else say this! Everyone keeps telling me, "Oh, don't wish these moments away, you'll miss them so much when she gets older." My response has been, "Are you kidding me? I can't WAIT." I suppose I've just never been much of a "baby" person and have always prefered little kids. I can't wait til the Prawn can move under her own power and feed herself!

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