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Was she stretching? Had she just had a large meal?

My son's is an outie (herniated at infancy) and it use to bug me wondering if he'll be to self-conscious to go to the pool. But then I see super models with outies (or maybe they are just so guant that they look like outies) and I appreciate again how perfect he is in his own way.


Babies have tummies because their inner parts take up so much room on their small frames. If she had gas or a big meal it might push it out?

I would guess that she has an umbilical hernia. As long as it doesn't bother her, it should be ok...just mention it to her doctor next time. If it ever pops out and won't go back in, or she is crying, like it is painful. Take her to the doctor right away.


I was going to say hernia as well. Definitely ask at her regular well-baby check-up or take her in early if you're concerned.


Hey Aliza --

My daughter, who's just a month older than NG, always has a swollen belly after a big meal. So I'm wuth Amy in supposing that this is what could cause her belly button to pop.

Best, Kim


I had an outie when i was a baby, my mum took me to the docs and i had an operation to make it an innie, apparently when you have a baby in the future you will need the operation anyway so i had it when i was about 7, I am 13 now and it is perfect, you cnnot tell i had an operation and it just looks like a normal innie. if it is a hernia i suggest having it done as it is not a complicated operation and will help in the long run


so what did it end up doin over the years did it become an inne or an outie i am just curious cause my lil girls is the same way.

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