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When Porgie is "shy", I just let her hide her little head in my hair and hug me tight. Why rush these things? She won't be so easily comforted by mommy for long.


Sounds like a non-answer, but it will work on NG's terms. As you go into more unfamiliar environments, she might grasp onto something that she finds comforting that you never see. Other times she becomes an appendage. It's meant to happen when it happens.


Aw, that's so sweet that she wanted to be with her mommy. I think it's endearing when mine does it, too, but I'm trying to get her used to her little daycare place where she'll spend four hours a week this fall, and want her to feel comfortable enough there to be away from me. As she was ready I encouraged her to go to the daycare lady, or to play on the floor with the other babies.

But isn't it wonderful to be the mommy who can make it all better?

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the girl seems to be really very nice and she loves her mommy very much


My son is not bashful but there has been maybe a couple of times he would turn into me when someone was talking to him. I would neither encourage or discourage, I would just do what you did and put my hand on him or touch his face or something.

It is a nice feeling and tugs at your heart.


Oh how sweet! I love when my little boy does that... and believe you me it is a stage that doesn't last very long - make the most of it now :)


Reading your blog has inspired me to start my own after experiencing a miscarriage with my first pregnancy. Thank you for sharing your experience it helps me not feel so alone during such a sad time in my life.



I would recommend any book in the La Leche League catalogs regarding growth and development, toddlers, the spirited child, Having it all-but not all at once etc etc. This is a normal reaction-called stranger anxiety. It is important to honor it. Much of parenting goes "un-noticed" by children-until they are feeling in trouble or ill, or unsettled. Being available at anytime-allows you to let them bounce around in their world-ready to help as needed, without directing every moment-and yes-giving up alot of time-and other commitments as necessary. I found it very tedious and seemingly "un-rewarding" while they were little-but getting through it with as much resolve to answer all questions, be with them always, and redirect instead of corporally punishing-did pay off in big dividends. I can truly say that children are a spiritual journey into self discovery. Read all you can on the subject-forget work and go visit people like those neighbors-who are a dying breed. Play in the sand-get down and dirty-rediscover childhood yourself. If you listen to them now-they will listen to you later.H.

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