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I don't have ppd but as your are so well versed in hormone knowledge, I thought I would ask you.I have miscarried twice in two years (12/05 & 6/06), had an ab myo(2/06) and found out the my velcro molecules don't work (6/07).. I am 36 and my energy levels are lower than they ever used to be and I have been getting migraines twice a month. I get them on day 20 and day 26. I have not shared this with my dr but I think I need some help. Have you ever had migraines or any advise. Thank you!


I know my knot has slipped again and I need Lexapro for a second time - but, our situations are quite different in needing meds, so I hope that your 3 month course does, in fact, reset things for you.

I think you should be proud of yourself for recognizing you needed the medication after all - you tried to do what was best for Ng at the time (pumping) and once that was over, you focused on you and got the help you needed, which will spill over into a lesson for Ng. I hope that makes sense.


I'm so happy about my life right now that I'm beginning to be concerned about not being on it

I empathise so much with that statement. I've been on and off Paxil for 9 years, and have been weaning myself off it for about a year. Now on 5mg (nontherapeutic dose apparently) every few days, which most doctors would say is doing nothing for me, but I'm scared to stop it completely because in the past (2004 the most recent) I have been very depressed on zero medication.

Still, I know that all the work I've done in therapy is more responsible for the way I feel now than the drugs are.

Be kind to yourself. It's more than ok to stay on the medication, and when the time is right, you WILL be able to come off it. *hugs*

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