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I don't know how you can be suffering from low self esteem when you get crap like that and laugh. How yucky...Your commentary was pretty funny though. Is this a side effect from blogging? Considering how much I read/lurk at your babyfruit site, I am surely going to hell too. I hope you don't get a lot of that junk. Thank you for sharing. I didn't even know that kind of thing existed.


So unrelated to the crazy stalker spam, I wanted to tell you that the other day I was in a situation where I was connecting to a cool mommy and I thought of your post mommy pick up lines and made myself ask for the woman's number, which was hard but remembering your post it was good to realize it's hard for alot of people. Being married and now being a mommy has really put a crimp in my ability to get out and make friends. I just moved to Prescott, AZ three months ago and long now am starting to connect. I guess it's just a change of lifestyle from single to married. Reading your blog has definitely shed light on many unspoken feelings connected to this wonderful thing called motherhood. Thank you.

aliza at babyfruit

Mo - Thank YOU.

I think the Mommy Pickup line post really struck a chord. Had my lunch with my new mommy friend - the woman who read that post. We really hit it off and next week are going to bring our babies to dinner at a restaurant in town that gives free meals to kids. I am so glad she took a chance and connected with me.

aliza at babyfruit

Interesting. The person who sent that spam just threatened me with legal action on my blog with the spam control (so it doesn't post publicly) and then publicly posted a veiled threat against me and my daughter on my other blog. Nice.


I read that comment on your other blog from the spammer- really scary. Not cool.


I just wanted to say I'm a huge fan of your blog and have found it helpful in many ways.

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