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Aww. I don't know. Except put her in a baby-proofed room while you do your thing. Feel better.

Jennifer W

I hope you feel better soon. My son and I got this stomach bug recently. Since I'm a single mom, and it was so hard. Fortunately, I was able to put him in a pack n play while I tossed my cookies. Sadly I have to admit he spent quite a bit of that day in the pack n play w/the TV on to keep us both happy. The worst part was making him food. Bleh.


Oh I just had this same problem! Our living room is babyproofed, so I just faded in and out of consciousness on the couch while playing endless episodes of Elmo's World on the tivo. Not exactly the most intellectually stimulating day for Abbie, but what can you do.


I know what you mean. We had a gastro bug rip through the house when Baby Eggs was 7 months old and all I could so was lie on the couch witb her on my tummy. It was the day of the Oscars because I was watching it on TV!

aliza at babyfruit

We survived - barely. I think I need to get an Elmo DVD - she liked him on Sesame Street. TV was on most of the day - couldn't think of anything else to keep her distracted while I lay on the sofa praying for the nausea to stop. Still a bit woozy/queasy but much more bearable today.

sarah teres

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