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16 month olds are very durable. Porgie fells approximately 23 times per day, bumps her head 69 times per day, and skins her knees 12 times per day. But according to her doctor, she is a very healthy girl.


A helluva lot tougher than we think! Just think if it would have been YOU that slipped on the water and fell. Probably would have been laid up for days! Lauren was always tripping on something, rolling out of bed, hitting her head and skinning her knees. I am sure that if we asked our parents, we would hear some horror stories from them about our misfortunes as toddlers.


I worry like that, too, but they always turn out fine!


Yeah, I'm sure she'll be fine. Mine fell over once (I'm not even quite sure how it happened) while I had my back turned and had a big gash on her forehead for a few days.

Well, a scratch, anyway. But she was fine. cute is NG?!? She's totally rocking her pixie haircut!

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