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Holy WOW! That's very very funny.


That stinks - literally.


Print this one for your scrapbook. Your daughter will probably love it when she gets older. What a crazy day it must have been...


Ah...this made me laugh and laugh, oh the horrors! And your own calm response to every moment but sensing the rising panic as each successive poop gets runnier...
Well done you! And well done NG!!


Ah, Poop. A month ago we had a similar occurance.. I just tried to get my son to poop into the toilet though... and when I gave up, he squatted on the floor. and then pooped again in the drained, cleaned and refilled tub. Don't you love it? I think it was the first time I ever laughed about so much poop.


So so so funny. Nothing funnier than poop stories. I guess I haven't matured since 3rd grade. Keep up the good work Ajax Lady.


I cannot stop laughing! I will be giggling over this one for days!


I just came back to say that just after reading this my own poop story happened.... I thought of you!


That is too funny!! My little one likes to walk around while she is peeing, so the diaper is the last thing to come off before bath. This one is a keeper. She will love it when she gets older.


I hate to laugh, but this was truly too funny!

We all have had our "proudest" moments as mommies... We all have stories similar to this one. ;)


OMG!! I thought my cats were bad-they decided they prefer to use the towel on the floor outside of the bathtub. I have to wash scraps of old towels all the time to keep up. NG's got the cats beat!


I am laughing out loud -- my 18 month old just had one of those incidents at bathtime too -- just stood there and laughed while he peed, then kept peeing, and peeing, and then I realized too late what he was really doing... yours takes the cake!


Wow, and I thought my baby's recent ricocheting poo off the diaper onto the boppy then down my pants onto the couch and pooling onto the carpet below was a classic. I find that at times like this it helps to keep them in one spot and let them poo it out. (giving you just one spot to clean later!) My little one gets really still when she's about to poo or pooing and gets active again when she's done so if I'm attentive I can usually catch it before it goes all over the place. Yikes!

Bonnie Bailey

Wow. You really need to get that published somewhere. That's a classic.

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