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Love this list, Aliza! Love that she says thank you :-) Her's mine, off the top of my head:

dog: dah
cat: cot
jimmie (the cat): gee
ball: bah
flower: flah
diego (her friend); DAY-do
daddy: dada
mommy: dada up until very recently, and now mama
nursing: nah-nah or nye-nye


Wow, what a talker!

Most things are "buzhy buzhy budee budee"
Kee kah = kitty
da = doggie, daddy
duh = down
muh muh muh = mama or milk
swee swee = tweet tweet
puh puh = potty or poo poo

aliza at babyfruit

What a great way to start the day! These made me laugh and giggle and smile. Keep them coming!


My 13 month old's favorite phrase right now is: "waz dat?" combined with a finger point. Over, and over, and over.


Abbie has this funny way of putting a consonant in front of words starting with a vowel.

Up - "Bup"
Elmo - "Melmo"

Also amusing is not so much the words, but the *way* she says things.

More - "Moooohhhrrr!" like some sort of barbarian battle cry.
Ball - "Baaaaaaaa!" like it's the funnest, most awesomest thing ever.



Oh, and she also has a new fascination with her own name. Today she was walking aroung going "Ah-bee-ah-bee-ah-bee-ah-bee" over and over again.

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