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I'm with the 'when she's ready' camp. My oldest sucked his thumb and we started to suggest that he quit sometime around 3 and a half. He quit cold turkey on his own at the airport just shy of his 4th birthday. We didn't even know he did it, we just noticed that he wasn't sucking on it on our vacation. My 18 month old still enjoys his bottles and I'm in no hurry.


My 17-month-old takes a bottle at bedtime (and if she happens to wake up in the night). It's more convenience for me--the bottles live upstairs by her bedroom, while the sippy cups are downstairs, very far away. I don't have a problem with a nightly bottle for now, especially since we brush her teeth after. I figure if she were nursing, it'd be the same kind of thing.


I let my first use a plug until he was around 3. It was really tough to get rid of, as it was for me as a child. At 12, the orthodontic bill was 6k to repair the damage. Fortunatly my younger one had a blanky. He has it at college actually.


lol it's an 18 month old skill. we are wayyyyy behind on that one. i better get cracking the little man is almost 21 months old!

bad mommy! *smacks own wrist*

You did a good thing, and if she's drinking out of a glass too... all the better.

Our kid will most likely be buck toothed because of my laziness.


My 12 month old daughter and I are going through it right now too and have just ordered a friend's book recommendation, the Muppet Babies' Bye Bye Bottle. I tried to get it at the library, but it is always checked out! There are loads used at a cheap cost on Amazon.
We have successfully transitioned to sippy cups during the day, but still do the morning and the night-night bottle. The pedi wants them gone by 18 months too....I guess b/c it's easier to win that battle when they're younger.
I am happy still doing the morning bottle (I have an early riser [5-6am] and it's easiest for me to bring her to bed w/ me and just stick a bottle in her mouth). I'm a bad mommy on the evening bottle too b/c she has it last thing before going in the crib -- I am anxious about changing that routine when we *must* begin brushing teeth AFTER milk.
Fun times.
I'm a faithful reader, Aliza, since the beginning. We have similar stories. I am so grateful for your willingness to share.


We took one bottle away at a time, until Porgie was only drinking from cups. It was very easy because her bottle wasn't a comfort object. I hope things get easier.


i am with christy, bottle wasnt her comfort object so we were able to get rid of it at 13 months. pacis, thats tougher but she only gets it when she goes to sleep and when she is awake, she has to put it at a "special place" and she knows she wont get it till she is down for her naps or sleep.

bridget Lynch

Both the "bottle fairy" and the "pacifier fairy" made stops at our house. She took the items and "gave them to a baby that needed them" and left a little something - stuffed animals each time - in return. Smooth as silk.

aliza at babyfruit

It is Day 3 without Bock. No major damage as far as I can see. She asks for it, cries, calls out repeatedly for a minute or two, then is distracted by something else. I'm not noticing any major emotional scarring, but maybe that doesn't show up until high school. We're just rolling with the punches right now.

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