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I say, who cares? If she wants it, why not? The only argument seems to be the teeth thing--but that's going to be the case with everything she eats. I've yet to meet a mother who brushes her toddler's teeth after every meal & snack. She'll give it up when she's ready--and if not, it will at least be easier to convince her when she's older.


I've been reading you forever, since we were both having miscarriages what seemed like every other month. Anyway, my daughter is a month younger than yours and I'm getting crap about the bottle, too. She gets one when she wakes up, before her nap and in the car, too. I don't care what anyone says, it's not gonna kill her to get a bottle a few times a day. When she didn't walk til 15 months, I told myself to quit worrying. She'll walk down the aisle when she gets married. I bet she won't be walking down the aisle toting her bottle, either. Unless it's a vodka bottle!


I'm confused about the milk situation once weaned from the bottle - you're told they are to have 18 ounces, which you are NEVER going to get in them via a cup. They then warn you against giving too much milk by cup so that they don't eat their food. You can't win. I still can't work this one out.

I'll admit that I think it's weird to see three year olds with bottles, but not because I know of it to be particularly bad for the kids, just not age appropriate. At this age, I wouldn't be worried. Most of the toddlers in my Mum and Baby group are still on bottles at 17/18 months.



You know what is the differance between the bottle and sippy. Really? I mean if you look at some of them they still have a spout ok no no nipple. but really I don't see one, I was lucky Sammi moved pretty quick but he sippy cups have a soft spout and I think that is what worked, some of those sippy cups take a lot of work to drink from, maybe you might have to find one that she likes. We went through almost all of them but then I read about all that BPA stuff and went to the born free bottles/sippy. Don't stress you need to do what works for you and NG and on your schedule not anyone elses. Good Luck and trust the mommy with in!


When the whole bottle thing came up with my daughter we were living very remotely. One morning she chewed the soft sippy type nipple off. Since I couldn't get another one easily I just cut the chewed part off. After that there was no more milk in the bottle but she got to suck on it at naptime and bedtime. She was about 1.5 at point. The item turned into a glorified pacifier. She recently bit off the top of again so one of her milkless bottles couldn't go to school with her. Now she's 2.5. So now we are just using the cut bottle at night. I was a long time thumb sucker and so didn't want to go there with her by taking away her bottle too soon. The teachers at her school said the cut bottle was a good compromise and supposedly advocated by development folks. In the end she gets the comfort factor in a controlled way and no issues with milk on the teeth. Everything I read online about this issue was contradictory. Do what feels best for you.

Mary R

Have you tried a straw sippy cup? You don't tip it, but maybe the sucking action on that will be easier on her? My little guy likes his straw cups a lot better than the standard variety of sippy cup.


I say there's nothing wrong with the bottle. But one thing is for sure, if you give in to her after she cries and cries for it you're reinforcing the behavior. If you are going to give in, why not do it right away and save the energy for when you're really serious about it. Or let her lose interest on her own. Very few kindergarteners have bottles in their lunchboxes!


This might not help at all, but what worked for us was using a different type of cup for milk. My daughter gets water in a sippy cup and milk in a straw cup. She actually drinks more milk with her straw cup than she did with her bottle. I think putting her milk in a special cup helped ease the transition.

Kimberley Clayton Blaine


I just read your baby bottle blog and wanted to reassure you that
bottles never cause tooth decay or

tooth malformation until after age
5...I personally have never seen a child at age 5 with a bottle.
It's the pacifier that causes tooth malformation after the age of 5,
so technically, both are fine for as long as mom and baby can take
it. Oy. I'm in the midst of pacifier weaning (for which I don't even
believe in doing, but have an urge to take it from him).

However, in your daughters defense (she'll high five me for this
one), sucking a nipple is a lot easier, gentler on the ears and more
soothing than a sippy with a flow contraption inside it. If you try
buying BORN FREE sippys (the "6 month starter" is the best cup, my 19
month old uses it for milk) its a great bate and switch, it looks and
feels like a bottle, but it is NOT! haa. You can get it at Whole
Foods or The Right Start.

My hat off to you and the challenges of the expert toddler.

Kimberley Clayton Blaine, MA, MFT
Travis and Houston's Mom
& Founder, www.TheGoToMom.TV


It took around 3 days for my baby to wean off the bottle. I was a little bit worried at first because she was drinking so little milk! I did it (cold-turkey) a day or two before her 12 mo appt so I told the doctor about it and she said to continue with the sippy cup and no bottle. She definitely became fine with the sippy cup. I forgot if I changed to "Born-free" sippy cup yet by then. I feel that the sippy cup is the same as the bottle. In fact, my 17 mo. baby still drinks while lying down. Her teeth are pretty bad though. I think at least 3 teeth are brown colored. I try my best to brush them twice a day. The brown color mostly come off though and it just gets stained again and again. I don't know the difference between sippy cup and bottle either. My baby will drink water and orange juice with a regular cup though. She likes holding her own cup. She drinks more when she does it herself. She drinks 4-8 oz of water and 2-3 oz of orange juice a day. Maybe I should switch her milk to a regular cup too.


Hi, I think that bottles and sippy cups are both ok. There's almost no difference to me and if your baby likes the bottle and drinks more of it, then don't worry and use bottle.

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