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Sorry to hear she's been having a yucky time lately. But she is no darn cute!! Thanks for posting a new picture.


You might be perfectly content with rice milk, but I just wanted to suggest soy milk. It has more protein than rice milk.


My DD (14 mos) had a blocked tear duct from birth until about 2 weeks ago. We thought we were headed to surgery, if not cleared up very soon. But, miraculously (!), it just stopped gunking up from one day to the next -- just like that -- overnight. No more running around after her with a wash cloth. I hope Noa's clears up too. With the snotty nose, sounds like she has a plain old cold right now. Usually takes my DD 7-10 days before a snotty cold clears up. Wishing you all the best. She is so very adorable. Thank you for posting a new pic!


I had amblyopia as a child, but it wasn't found until I was 7. Looking back at pictures, I can see that my eyes were crossed sometimes, but my parents took me to a relative when I was small who was an opthalmologist and he told them it was fine. He was wrong and so I ended up wearing a patch in second grade (over the good eye) to make the "bad" one work harder. It brought the prescription from 400 to 200, but as an adult now I essentially don't use that eye at all - my brain has stopped paying attention to it. If they had caught it earlier, it would have likely been completely correctable. I took my 14 month old to the doctor and they dilated her eyes and said they were able to confirm no amblyopia. I have no idea if this is your daughter's issue, but better to have a persisitent mommy than end up with only one eye and no depth perception!




My baby boy had a blocked tear duct from the time of his birth until I changed his bath soap and shampoo to Nature's Baby Organics shampoo and body wash. When I started using it the tear duct cleared within a week. You can buy it at Whole Foods or
P.S. Your blog gave me hope through all of my miscarriages. Thank you!


Soy milk (D enriched) introduced at an early age, 12 months on..will provide numerous health benefits. To this day, my healthy six year old who loves her chocolate soy milk has little digestive, bowl, skin or vitamin problems. Her development has been proven by being moved into first grade after 6 wks in kindergarten and making the principal's list throughout her tenure in first grade. Perhaps introducing soy would be an alternative. I grow my own edemmbe (sp) beans in our garden. They serve as fun snacks!

Michelle Branco

This probbaly won't be of much help unless you've got a willing donor, but a little breastmilk in the eye is a great home remedy for those goopy eyes that kids always seem to pick up.

I actually used it on myself a few weeks ago (you do what you have to!) and it worked amazingly well.

I think some kids are just prone to it, unfortunately.


Hi, My 4 year old daughter has a squint too (which we noticed a lot in her photos too) and has been wearing glasses for a couple of years now. Unfortunatelty the glasses haven't worked and we are scheduled for surgery in a few weeks.

We had been warned that if the surgery wasn't performed then, like Regina, it would be too late and she would end up unable to use the eye.

My sister in law had the op as a child and it was totally successful.

I didn't want to go for surgery either until all our options were exhausted but now they are...

The eye doctor didn't just decide upon surgery straight away. The first thing was to test her eyes and then try glasses although she had a good idea they wouldn't work. I am dreading the surgery but realise it has to be carried out otherwise it really will be too late and my daughter will never have full 3D vision.

Hope it all goes well with your lovely little girl :)


Wow. Gotta ask after reading a few of the blogs. Is it all worth it? Really? Wouldn't trade it for the world kinda thing? Or are there days when you miss your pre-baby life? If so, what's the ratio of "yes" days to "no, never miss it" days? Trying to decide myself on just such a move....


Wow, talk about bringing back memories with that all the sick kids! Those were the days huh? I have 3 kids and and the youngest is still going through the stage, of "goop coming out of everywhere". Yes it's normal and nature, but sometimes not only do you just want a stop to it, but you also wish for a stop so that your kid can get a break from it to. I know what you mean regarding this wonderful stage of life hehe. :)


My younger ended up with tear duct surgery on both tear ducts. Turns out that no amount of rubbing would have changed it, they were that bad off.
Life has been so much better with not having to worry about that anymore. Good luck

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