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I had this big itchy-vagina problem for a while until I figured out it was the spermicide. While I was talking about it with people, my best friend did mention having once had a similar problem, but with an unpleasant smell, and yes it was an infection. It was the first time anyone had said something like that to me and you're right, people do keep that stuff pretty close to the chest. Anyway, I'm sorry it's bothering you. At least it's not bothering G! I wonder if my mother has this problem; she's always douching even though I tell her how evil douching is.

aliza at babyfruit

Douching? That is so our mother's generation's solution to all vaginal woes. I remember my mother giving me a sanitary napkin belt and a douche bag for my 13th birthday. Never used either.


Um...okay, since you brought it up first...I think I'm experiencing exactly the same thing. No itching or discharge, but certainly drier than I used to be, with a weird smell that you described EXACTLY. I think its especially bad the week right after my period, but am trying to track that more closely. I'm 39 with with an 18 month old, so we are on pretty much the same track (and I've been following your blog since we were both having miscarriage back in the bad old days!). I have an appointment with my ob/gyn next month so we'll see what I learn.

katie schwartz


You are a dame with moxie and I respect the hell out of that. With indoor plumbing, we got ahj for days. Anyone who has had to endure a health issue, regardless of what it is can and should empathize with what you're going through.

When a vagina goes awry, a girl has to be supportive of her fellow beav :)

Be well, doll.


A glass of water, or even add a bit of lemon juice, once you wake up, even before brushing your teeth, is very good for overall health, especially digestive health. It's believed to "cleanse" the system. I've been drinking a glass of water every morning before I eat anything and I've been feeling great. =)


Was not a douche bag. It was a hot water bottle to place on stomach to relieve ache.


Well done you for a very interesting and honest post.

I remember seeing an Oprah years ago about something that had similar symptoms and even at that time I thought I might have it. Bacterial vaginosis I think was what it was.

Even during my investigations for infertility and subsequent (successful) ivf, I never once mentioned it to any health professionals as it really felt so taboo. The idea that I might just be stinky was too difficult to confront.

I do wonder now whether this was the cause of us failing to conceive naturally and of course now I'm older (too old) I wish I'd pursued it and we might have been able to grow our family further.

Good luck with your ph testing and hope you sort this out soon.

Dina Horwedel

I have had a systemic yeast infection now for 8 weeks... everywhere. Be careful. It started with dryness and itching, and went away. After antibiotics, it came back with a vengeance, and now the docs aren;t sure it will go away because it doesn't respond to anti-fungals. I have heard all of this stuff goes away with menopause, but who has time to wait that long?

Cathy are bold to be talking about this personal to the whole WORLD. I admire your courage. =) But scratch 'n sniff? Don't know if I'd be scratchin' 'n sniffin' something like that online!

Good luck on the ph test and do let us know how it went.

Steven Davies

"For the last few months, I've been experiencing strange vaginal odor"
Maybe that is because you have bacterial vaginosis..
You should find a proper treatment for it.


I have just experienced a misscarriage at 8 weeks and in the country I am living in, they dont do DnC, they believe in keeping things natural. From the moment I had the scan and found out I had misscarried, it took 4 weeks to come out. Having your period for 5 days once a month is bad anough but having a heavy period for 1 month 5 times as heavy is down right horrible. It finally reached its peak with an unbelievable amount of pain and endless blood. This was followed by 10 days of less blood and as that was just about over, a new strange thing has happened which is why I decided to google. It brought me to your blog and your very honest story about odour issues. I have the same thing, pretty gross but no pain at all...dis-charge is browny red like the end of a period. Could it be becuase my misscarrigae took so long to reach its peak? I was trying to avoid going to the doctor but judging from what I have read on other sites, it seems like I should have it checked out. PHEW! Its nice to be able to blurt this stuff out and not have to face the person you are blurting it to!

You need to leave it in for 4- 5 hours at a time and leaving it in overnight works best. If you do leave it in overnight, be sure to remove it in the morning. For early or mild infections, nighttime treatments may be enough; try several nights in a row, until one day after the symptoms disappear. If your yeast infection is severe you may need to put a fresh clove of garlic in every morning and night for 4- 5 hours at a time. Ask any health nutritional expert and they will tell you using garlic to treat yeast...

Naturopathic Medicine Canada

Be careful not to use any harsh soap to wash your vagina, consult a naturopathic doctor or OB if symptomps persist.

Crevan Ferrigno

Judging solely by your description, I think you’re experiencing hot flashes. Do you experience warmth all over your body? Because you said you sweat at night. This symptom is usually experienced before sleeping. It might have caused you to sweat. Do you have any other problems physically or emotionally?

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