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My niece just turned one. She was also starting to cross her eyes. My sister-in-law, Andrea, had her to the eye doctor. Right now they're just keeping watch. They told her that sometimes it will correct itself... but if it's not better by the next appointment she will start wearing a patch on her strong eye. I believe that she was told that if the one eye is allowed to remain "lazy" the muscles will stop developing... so the eye muscles need to be trained to keep that eye in the right direction. So, it sounds like waiting the month might not be an issue... but I think I would try to get in with the other doctor if possible... just to ease your nerves.


My friend's baby had one eye start to cross out of nowhere and he was prescribed glasses. Then the second eye started crossing and he's scheduled for a surgery at the end of the month to have his eye muscles stretched.


I have an eye-turn. My current optometrist was the only one (out of at least 5 optometrist) who told me about it. It means I have to work a lot harder to get both my eyes to focus on one spot. Of course, right away, I worry about my baby and ask her about it. She said it's easier for kids to train their eyes to focus and correct the eye-turn. Adults can do it too, but it's harder. I hope you find some comforts knowing that if the eye-turn is not too serious when NG is older, she can do eye exercises to correct the eye-turn.


I think this is called strabismus. Anna Nicole Smith's daughter was diagnosed with this and recently had surgery to correct it.

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THANKS! Great stuff!

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