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I agree. I always have the best intentions, and try to give baby something to eat from every food group, but sometimes she'll just play with it, and I end up feeding her something I know she'll eat, just so that I can be sure she's not starving! Lately, that's black beans and mac and cheese. For a while, it was blueberries. She ate so many blueberries I thought she was going to turn blue.


Aw, isn't it fun now that they can eat what we eat?


I used to be obsessed with Porgie's diet too. Now, I don't think twice about giving her pudding or cookies.


Enjoy these times when she will try anything and seem to really enjoy them. I remember them fondly. Now four years past NG's current age, the only thing that seems to have stuck is the cheesehead. From a good gouda, salty mancheco, hard italian (sorry I digress) to good ole' American - that's the only time we don't seem to be at odds over the dietary intake. The smartest thing I did do was start her on a daily Pediasure when she was about two (she loves the chocolate), that way at least I knew on the nuggett days she was getting a good dose of vitamins. You can't give multivitamins till they're over 4. Yes, I tried (still do) hiding the veggies in everything. Have a cookie business based on it "Mommies Little Secrets". Even writing a mommy cookbook entitled, "From the Land of Nuggetts or Nothing"...but little kids can sniff out a veggie from a 5 mile pace in any form, any color, any shape or size. Enjoy this stage. Enjoy!


My standards have lowered, too. I still never give him sugar, I try to avoid too much corn or flour (not allergy-related, just on principle) but sometimes I just break down and give him the "naturally sweetened" granola bar or that organic blue corn chip, since he'll eat nothing otherwise. He loves the sweeter vegetables, so that's no problem--peppers, peas, carrots, even cucumbers. However, they make his stools really loose and pieces eventually come out only half-digested, so that *is* a problem.

Mary R

I am SO glad to hear that I am not the only person that feeds black olives to my child! Little Monster ADORES them, and eats them for dinner most friday nights (pizza night). Yes. He eats the cheese off a a cheesy bread, and then way. way. way. too many black olives. mmmmmmm the whole way!


LOL. Now, I feel like I am such a strict mom! My baby eats the oatmeal, fish, chicken, green-leaf-veggie, and fruits diet for 4 months now! Her splurges are whole grain bread, rice, and udon! She loves the bread! She would just happily walk around the apartment holding her slice of bread and nibbling on it. LOL. She had a fear of pooping so we had to keep her poop soft. That's why we restricted her diet. Oh... I can't wait 'til she is potty-trained! then i can feed her anything i want. i love food and i want to share them with her.


Maybe you shouldn't be very obsessed with organic foods. After all she's just a kid and she needs some junk delicious food:)

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