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Cute family picture!


The MRI would be scary. Oof! Best wishes.

I wish I had had the eye patch but I didn't and now I, though not cross-eyed (actually I'm wall-eyed, corrected by glasses), only use the data from my left eye. I still have some depth perception, though!


You guys look so cute with your patches.


Aww. That's seriously cute. Best wishes with this, hope everything turns out well.

Θεμις Μαντζαβινος


Mother is very powerful human in the world

Crystal D

My nephew had this same thing, fine for the first two years and then his eye crossed. They tried glasses for a year, no help, then they went for the surgery and bam it was perfectly straight. He was in and out of the hospital very quickly and he had a red eye for a couple of days but after a year of being crossed we couldn't believe how fast it went back to normal.
Also, my friend's little girl needs to wear patches in the evenings and they come in really cute designs. You might be able to find them online.

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