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Not an alcoholic at all. And as for the bickering, I can guarantee we'd have done the same in that situation. I'm glad this is over for you!


Aliza, you did great. Have a glass of wine and give yourself a little pat on the back. There is absolutely nothing more terrifying than seeing your kid in the hospital. When my daughter had her emergency surgery at seven weeks a part of me was glad that my husband had been on the front line. And we bickered too while she was in surgery. It's really hard to cope with the stress of being out of control. A little glass of wine or beer is just a relaxant. It's okay. Hang in there.


It's all over. Your account reminded me of the first hour after our son's anaesthetic wore off. The film Christiane F came to mind; he was behaving like a junkie on cold turkey. Sorry, it sounds awful, but truly, that's how it was. Wanting things, then throwing them away, yelling pint- sized obscenities at me. He was suffering bigtime. Then suddenly, it was all over. I remember being shocked at what was stored up in that little mind.

I can promise you we would have definitely had a nice bottle of red at the end of that long day.

Chin chin!
Love JB


What everyone else said. Also, how could you have not seen the Daily Show before? It's 2008! Lol.

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