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Thx for the thinning hair piece. I too saw the article in the NYTimes and am currently obsessed about the state of my hair. Genetically is runs in the females of my family at least as far back as granny, my mom and my younger sister. Sure my brother's hair is thin too, but it's much easier for a guy to deal with thinning hair. As a female, that hair is part of my daily outfit. Going without it is not an option. And I don't have a good hat head. I won't wear bandannas and needless to say I'm upset - which is one of the possible things that can cause hairloss in women.
Didn't Princess Stephanie (Monoco) lose all her hair a year or so after her mother's tragic death? Or was it after her husband's spectacular cheating on her? Anyway all I know is she had hair, then it all fell out, including her brows and lashes and now she seems to have hair again.
I won't who she saw.....

Cinda Pfeil

Glad I found you!

Can't sleep, so I'm floating around the internet, and stumbled across your site. I like you already! Hair loss - mine started this past fall (at age 35). I was set-up to discuss it with a dermatologist in December but became pregnant, again - so put it off, like so many things. A brief.....just went through my 10th miscarriage. I'm still without a child, but I'm holding out hope :)

I'll keep checking your site for the great wisdom it holds...thank you in advance for all your research on the miscarriage subject! If you'd like to peek at my story, check out my blog, titled TREEHOUSE. My best to you, Cinda Pfeil

little sister

Gluten can also be the culprit in hairloss, if there is an autoimmune component (celiac). Looking back on pix from 2001, my hair was thinning, coming out in clumps. I am totally gluten-free now and my hair looks great. It's even longer than it was back in '01. Too late for me to be tested for celiac (avoided gluten for too long), but I know I feel better without so I continue to avoid. No canker sores, less brain fog, thicker hair, "IBS" symptoms pretty much gone.

If I can be 100% gluten-free here in Northern Indiana, you can do it in Tok. E-me and I'll give you tips!


You are so amazing to just share your story and offer condolences, empathy, and advice. :)


recently i got a mail which says that to shine your hair dip them in a teaspoon of vinegar and then wash them..

Hair Loss

It can be totally shocking to wake up one morning and realize that you are suddenly one of the millions of victims of rapid hair loss. It seems like just a few days ago you had a healthy head of's nice blog so keep post more and more topics.......

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