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What a beautiful post!

I recently discovered your blog. I suffered a miscarriage a month ago; it was my first pregnancy. It was such a comfort to come across your writings. No one talks about miscarriage! I was feeling so isolated. While I have a lot of healing to do still, it has made me feel so much better to read about all your experiences, to know I am not alone. And it has given me hope that I may also have an adorable 5 year old of my own one day.

There is also so much good practical stuff in here, about pregnancy and birth – information that hopefully will help me in the future. (I have been reading your blog nonstop since discovering it, but I must admit that I am only at the part where Noa Grace has just been born. I look forward to reading more about your adventures as a parent!)

Thank you for sharing all your experiences and wisdom. Your little girl is lucky to have such a loving, original mama.



I love all the things that you want for your daughter and those are the same that I want for my son. He is four years old now and sometimes he displays a fear that his other friends of the same age don't seem to have. He also says 'I can't' a lot and I try to tell him he can do anything he puts his mind to but he doesn't believe me. I feel that somehow, unwittingly and inadvertently I have made him like this. I really like how you put into words exactly what I would have liked to say. I will share this post


thanks for this wonderful post
i want my lovely :) daughter and also your little girl will be very self-confident and purposeful in their life.
p.s. i always try to help my child in their school things and this make me happy :)

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