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March 27, 2004



Your friend is right. I think you SHOULD see The Passion. But not necessarily for the reasons she suggests. See my blog on the point:
Moreover, I think you're spot on with your comments about the slow but inexorable removal of the Feminine from the Catholic Church.

Vince Chesney

If Christ's brothers and sisters (more likely his cousins also given these titles at that time in Jewish culture) were mentioned in the Bible, why wouldn't Christ's wife be mentioned? Women of that time were referenced by their husband's name. In other words Mary Magdalla would have been Mary wife of Jesus. There are several references to other married women in the Bible and they are titled with 'wife of' whenever named.
There are so many religious and art 'facts' that Dan Brown gets wrong, his book cannot be considered more than 'Indiana Jones' or 'National Treasure' level material. He's found a way to make some money by exploiting and twisting historical stories and presenting them to the ever-hungry American masses for consumption. And now his book deal becomes a movie deal. He's living the American dream! And all he had to do was make up fiction and claim it as fact. Good for you Danny, good for you!

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