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January 17, 2005


Cynthia Allen

Ive been exercising with body eletric since my 30's. I'm finally in my 40's and I can't find her on tv anymore. I live in the Dallas tx area. If you know what station I can find the body eletric program on,please let me know. They are great!


I live in the Richmond, VA area and I cannot find Body Electrc on any television stations around here. Please tell what station is broadcasting her show.


I watch it in Wyoming on the PBS station here.

She does sell DVDs - pricey but if you can't get it for free, at least you can get it!


Hey Cynthia...I'm like you, but in the San Antonio area and don't know what channel she's on. I moved from the Dallas/Ft Worth area which I watched it on PBS~ channels 2 and 13 there. Hope they are still running her programs for you. I guess I will have to get a TV guide here...lol.

Barbara Haack

Does anyone know if her program is on any televsion programs in the Massachusetts or New Hampshire areas?

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