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May 12, 2005


Tery Spataro

I blog about food at http://www.dailyeats.com, and also read & link to other blogs about food, culture (like yours), arts etc. Why food? It's what makes us all human, it cuts across every form of culture, it's artistic, it appeals to all 5 senses and then some. I love food.

Daily Eats also has 3 other bloggers, Courtney Pulitzer, Crockpotter and Denver Eats.

Blogs I read frequently:
Food Blog
Jeffrey Zeldman Presents: The Daily Report
Boing Boing
Random Thoughts from HowardGr
Time Off for Good Behavior
Musings by Barry Kluger

I would love share some tips and tricks of blogging.

btw I was using bloglines to see when you update your site.

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