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October 11, 2005



I had that picture of him (you know the one, "sexiest man alive" from the cover of People magazine) pinned to my college dorm room wall. LOVE him.

My roomate was from NYC and also said she'd see him out and about from time to time. Too bad he's gone, he was the best.


This is not a 'love' story, but one time I ran into JFKjr across from the HF building behind the WorldWide Plaza where he liked to eat at the Mexican Place. I was working at WWP at Microsoft on Windows Media.
I made a business offer relating to George mazagine and Microsoft (where I was working) and he was actually interested, and asked me to follow up.
The next week he was dead.

Moral - close deals quicker.


Wow - never get the chance to meet him in person - I'm glad you did and shared the experiences for all of us how didnt :)

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