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September 22, 2006


Stephanie Agresta

Hi Aliza. And it is all connected...Let me flash back to August of 1994. I was a young post-college grad with a few years work experience in NYC. That month, I headed to graduate school at the University of Minnesota. UMN was a pretty saavy place - what with Fetch and all. I recall my first forray into Mosaic...and email and thinking - this will change my life and the world. Needless to say - it did. In August of 1995 I came across an article in Ms. Magazine written by Aliza Sherman. I was studying Women's Public Policy and had been working on an Internet related federal research grant. Worlds collided. Aliza's article about how women needed to hop on the bandwagon inspired me to write a grant proposal entitled, "Minnesota Women Online," which was funded by a local philanthropic group. In 1997 I was back in NYC, and knocked on Aliza's office door (was it 50 Broad St?). I fondly recall our work together on Aliza's book tour. What fun! And what a cool woman. As you can see on my linked in (http://www.linkedin.com/in/stephanieagresta), I went on to work at iVillage, Barnes & Noble.com, and have been a leader in e-commerce development over the years. The Internet not only changed my career path, but more importantly my worldview. It has been quite a ride. I never had a dot-com windfall, but I never got into this to do that. I truly love the medium and the gifts technology can bring to so many. Thank you Aliza for being a catalyst early on. I found this blog and have checked back here and there. Great to see you happy and healthy! All the best...Stephanie

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