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July 22, 2007



You might want to get in line behind the people who plan to bludgeon me for calling Neko's a subspecies of Furries :P.

I don't know if I'd 100% stand behind my "it's a game comment" however, lack of levels, dragons, or a "point" don't automatically make something more serious than entertainment.

The Sims, for example, can be played pretty much any way you'd like to play it, but it's still a game.

Anywho, I call it a game mostly because I deal with new players, and saying "tips and tricks to the vastly important and life changing virtual world Second Life" might scare them off :P SL is a lot of peoples first experience with (prepare to grit your teeth) Real hardcore online gaming, and I don't want to scare the heck out of them.

Regardless, potato, poh tah toe :) as long as you're havin fun right?


aliza at babyfruit

Hi TA - you could call it the Virtual World Second Life...


This blog got me to look at Second Life from my isolated one as a caregiver in Eagle River AK.....I had two rooms on Diversity University MOO in the 90s, and was on Lambda MOO sometimes....and an avatar-based MOO whose name I can't remember (DU and the core community there was my home!) Sherry Turkle's "The Second Self: Computers and the Human Spirit" (and "Life on the Screen" too!) got me f-2-f with the nature of my being-at-home in virtual worlds--being-at-home "inside" the computer = the hook so many folks don't get. But for an "old person" like me, Second Life is part of a long and active history of virtual communities, so it's fun to see the re-invention of the wheel avatar-based-community hype that faster Internet connection has enabled. Twitter is attractive, too, short and fast, all learned from Aliza's blogging about them......wow and thanks! But somebody should write about people active on MOOs 15 years ago and how they "live" on Second Life--that I'd love to hear.


Actually Clay Shirky, who writes about Second Life at Valleywag, talked about the MOO-origins 7 months ago....."A story too good to check"...and reminds us of Howard Rheingold in 1993 about all this virtual world-new identity being batted around now.....plus ça change....--> history's fun!

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