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July 09, 2007


Annie Boccio

I use Twitter much like you do. I like what you said about immersing yourself in the present. I've been trying to figure out why Twitter feels different from online forums and message boards, and maybe that's it. I can jump in and jump out, read back a few pages or not, and still feel like part of the conversation.


To me Twitter is a crazy cocktail party of friends. I go back and read the tweets that I missed while I was off doing something productive/non-productive.

I have met some incredibly fun and interesting people on Twitter...how did I miss you?




Found this post via chrisbrogan's tweet. I notice I'm interested in many of the same things you blog about. You've got a new Twitter fan!

Rick Mahn

I also found this post after reading Chris Brogan's Tweet. Great post, and mirrors how many use Twitter (I think). Thanks,

Cathleen Rittereiser

You described my Twitter behavior and feelings exactly. From the early, "I'm going to the gym." tweets to the day where I said to myself, "I've got to be doing or thinking something more interesting," and tweeted my opinion of Chipotle burritos.

I especially relate to your feelings about @. The highs of getting a response and the lows of wondering if your computer works because nobody responded.

Twitter lets you see the little moments in our friends' lives and those moments forge connections. Those moments are what I like about your tweets and make me glad to be your Twitter friend.


Yep. Um. Sometimes I think Twittering really is like the paradigm-metaphor it brings to mind: birds twittering on a wire. But then, there seems to be so much more potential. The twitters I most enjoy coming across are those that are enigmatic or evocative or both: little glints of light that sort of say that there's a richness of human experience hidden behind that glint. It gets me contemplating. Contemplation is good.

The Twitters I least like are the cliquish ones that waffle on with Web 2.0 tech jargon or whatever. (Not that I've got anything against Web 2.0 and its jargon per se.) Twitters like that scream proletarian conformity.

Keep posting about poop, please.

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