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July 16, 2007


Ann D

I have no idea who else is listed in the list above, but apparently I am because an Internet search for my blog led me to this link.

You might be interested to know why I have Jeff Pulver's Blog tagged at Technorati (or via delicious or Google Reader).

I do a lot of research -- and speaking -- on marketing techniques that are used to market to mothers.

I have spoken on this topic at the Association for Research on Mothering for the past two years.

I just wanted to point out that not everyone who is liked to a particular page on the Internet necessarily supports the content on that page. Sometimes they are tracking that page for research purposes or for some other reason that may not be immediately obvious to a casual observer.

I hope this hopes to clear up any concerns that I have crossed over to the dark side of SPAM.

Ann Douglas

Ann D

Please disregard above.


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