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October 05, 2007



That was truly bizarre. They seem to think someone who writes with an authoritative voice can't occasionally have low self-esteem. Perhaps if the stalker was more well-read he or she would understand that many writers still doubt their abilities, no matter how successful they become.

And I totally hear you on the not-updating-the-business-web-site thing. Mine is embarrassingly ancient; the shoemaker's children are barefoot.

Laura Moncur

I'm always fascinated when people who attack me can't be bothered to check their spelling.

Especially when they tell me I'm a lousy writer.

Kudos on posting this. I just delete my "fan mail" and never give it a second look. I kind of think it's cowardly of me to do that, but I refuse to spend more than a couple of seconds on people who want to hate me.


Glad you had so much perverse fun responding! Have a great surprise coming your way for you and NG. Enjoy!


Back in my blogging days, I would also get Stalker Spam. They all seem to have a common theme - jealous rage. It really is quite sad how someone who claims that your life is SO sad is spending their days reading and re-reading your posts for ANYTHING that could be used "against you" ... as if you would suddenly throw your hands up in the air and admit defeat - "That's it! The Stalker is ON TO ME!!"

Btw, I eventually found the identity of my blog stalker ... someone I used to know years previously who found my blog via the wonder of google. I discovered she had a blog devoted entirerly to hating me (no joke!) and was an alcoholic. A sad ending to the Blog Stalker Tale but hardly surprising. Perhaps your Blog Stalker has a similar life ... wouldn't surprise me. :-)


BTW-how can a person send an email to a blogger and NOT think it will get published? Posting my hate mail is one of my favorite past times. Silly stalker, don't play with the big girls unless you can hang ;)


Okay..I came across your blog while browsing pregnancy blogs and...I think it's brilliant. I can't believe someone would have the time or the energy for such stupidity. I loved your comments and for the record, your blog, too!


Oh, and by saying I can't believe someone would have the time or energy for such stupidity, I was referring to the stupid stalker blogger, of course. :)

Ann D

Having just read this post, I think there is something very odd going on online. There seem to be a lot of fake blogs that have been set up in the motherhood category. If you do a search for the name of my blog [ t h e m o t h e r o f a l l b l o g s ] you'll see that a number of fake blogs with the same name have been set up in the last few days, including some ones with really nasty anti-woman hate stuff.

Aliza, you may want to delete my previous post. I think I was set up via a bogus link.

Ann D

I'm feeling a bit calmer now (breathe in, breathe out....) and wanted to post a semi-intelligent summary comment before you all think I'm a total loon. Anyway: I don't know how many of you have come across these fake blogs / spoof blogs before, but they're very bizarre. I've seen them twice in the past, but they was just a single blog involved. This time, there are a few of them out there. A few are old blogs that appear to have been legit at one time, but have been taken over by other people. Some appear to have always operated under their spoof identity. One has been linking to one of my blogs for months, mimicking my writing style and details from my life. I've just been ignoring it. What I came across tonight were some particularly obnoxious posts (anti-Arianna H.; anti-BlogHer; anti-woman; hateful; idiotic). I've also seen a flurry of very odd activity elsewhere online. Just wanted to share my experience in case other people are having similar experiences.

aliza at babyfruit

I've seen the Splogs - spam blogs - but haven't seen the hate ones before. Weird.

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