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October 08, 2007



Oh holy crap. Yikes.

NOT COOL. Go get 'em, Aliza.


Yikes! Cyber-bully? I guess the question is "why does this person feel the need to personally attack you." Interesting that they claim blogs are a place for freedom of speech, yet you can't be free to express your distaste for the comments. You were kind enough not to put their name down too.

I'd turn the person into the police if they continue to threaten you. Freedom of speech only goes so far... especially if threats are being made on your family.

Laura Moncur

This is EXACTLY why I ignore and delete Internet trolls. If you feed them, they just get larger.


or watch you hang yourself and Noah Grace


Ahh, the good old "I have a lawyer and will sue" response. Zzzzzz...

aliza at babyfruit

I'm still waiting for the legal action. Looking forward to it.

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