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March 21, 2008


Mobashir Ahmed

Human beings have come a long way but the gender bias persists. However, it seems to be on the retreat. Brave persons like you make the difference.

aliza sherman

Thank you for this post. I would like to also note that gender bias is not the only thing persisting. I don't usually touch on this because I'm perceived as "white," but racial bias often exists as well. While I do see a ton of diversity in the new media/Internet/tech fields, it tends to be right under the top echelon. 5 white guys are not only guys, but they are also WHITE.

Connie Reece

Aliza, you're right about racial bias still existing as well. Austin is a very diverse city. We not only have sizeable African-American and Hispanic populations but thriving communities of Indians and Asians drawn to our high-tech corridor. It would not have required much looking at all to find qualified people besides the "five white men."

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