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April 12, 2008


Ian Kallen

It's true that end of 2006 and most of last year have been a big struggle for Technorati. Frankly, we were doing a lot of the wrong things that neglected the core blogging community. However, I'm as convinced as ever that the basic potential to provide valuable services to bloggers and help them connect with the people and ideas of the collective thought stream is better placed with us than anywhere else. The feedback that the community can offer about what kinds of things they want from Technorati is really valuable.

Chris Brogan...

So, what's funny is, I posted somewhere on either side of that post that sometimes, I get crabby if someone clones my stuff without credit. In this case, I don't remember seeing your tweet, but I probably did without paying as much attention as I should've.

And yet, a post.

But I love that Ian and Technorati are listening, and I'm certainly listening to you, and thanks for the compliment. : )

Mitch Wagner

I've never really gotten Technorati. I gather it's for following conversations, but I just read individual blogs or that, and Techmeme, and I have a couple of dozen Google Alerts.


I too appear to not be to whom Technorati Tolls. I need fast, quick and it isn't just the mommy brain ;-)just too much time to really get into topics that may interest me.

Now if someone could sum up every blog post i would be interested in into just three sentences that I may have time for ....

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