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June 12, 2008



As you mentioned, it's a small business. The budget is pretty small for marketing or a "webmaster". Just plain surfing online, I don't see many people running a "marketing" or "webmaster" service. I only personally know people who run "webmaster" businesses. Some one should really do a "online marketing" plus "webmaster" service for an affordable price AND really publicize this service online.
I'm not a small business owner. I'm just trying to make some diaper-money through my blog and there's no visitor to my blog! I don't even know how to promote my blog. My husband is the technical person behind it and he hardly has time to correct little glitches. I definitely don't have the money to promote my website or hire some one to build the website; I don't even know where to go to promote my website (that's not even very specialized; it's very general, not even personal; and there are so many others similar to mine).


Plus, it's just not females. Many small local businesses in my area, especially restaurants, have no websites. for restaurants, it would be nice to check out the prices and menu online then order through the phone.. but nope, not menu/price posted. Even doctors should have websites to promote why they are better than the other doctors! and what services they provide. so that i don't have to call every one of them just to find a doctor that meets my needs.


I am an online marketer - 600 ist not a big base for a represenetative survey in the US, but... I see similar tendences in Austria, where I live. we run our business for five years now, I am in a lot of communities, networks, etc. Even using more female-only networks, than mixed networks. Most of our clients are male - for me it is a question of money. As I see it, women usually don't start with a lot of budget when starting a business, some even start because they have to. The male founders I get to know start with more capital and from this situation delegating and investing is much easier.
But, Aliza, I totally agree, it is so shocking, to still have this gender gap.
Even if you are in a remote area, it can be so important to have good online marketing - we are also running a shop in Salzburg, and there are people who visit us "in real live", after having found firstly our Alpine online-shop or Alpine magazine.

@ Julia - leaving comments in other blogs is a good start to promote your blog!

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