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August 01, 2008



Aliza, Great thoughts. I absolutely have my share of rants on my blog, but I have to say, the tough part of a readership (or not) is that there are things I'd really like to say (the betrayal of a lifelong friend, a marital issue, unwarranted exhausting kids when I should be grateful...), but I can't.
Do I write for my readers? No way. Do I squelch some thoughts to avoid real-world backlash? Yup.

Thanks again for the past.

kathryn jones

I don't think exposing the truth is ever the wrong thing to do, perhaps especially when the truth uncovers feelings that most people veer away from, often even going so far as trying to convince themselves that they don't have them. I find this is especially true with regard to relationships and motherhood (though I recently spoke with an 80 year old man about the huge depression he went through at the birth of his first child over 50 years ago- talk about long held, debilitating, unspoken pain). I think you are a hero for having the courage to put a face and words to feelings that society has told us we should feel wrong for having and yet are so universally shared.


Go on with it! We want to know we're not alone; you encourage us--you seem on top of everything and yet turn out to be human--and you never wallow! We needn't be afraid, we are not alone. We CAN talk about it. Thanks.

Nancy in AK

I love reading blogs which are personal and revealing and insightful and well-written. You explained the allure of blogs for both the blogger and reader very well in this post. I think blogging is a phenomenom of modern life. The huge impact of blogs (on women mostly) has not been written about much at all in the media.

Carmen Villadar

Being truly human in all its anguish, joy, pain, ambiguity and love is really all that we are - and yet we are above and beyond that - which is Love.

Sharing, connecting, revealing and most of all being honest are fundamental factors of learning and teaching. After all, isn't that what we're here to do - to some extent?

If we can empower one another through words them so be it. If we can show and extend our love and often ambiguous hate for ourselves, then even better.

The more we all realize that we are indeed NOT alone and that we are indeed CONNECTED - is when we all traverse the path of healing our world.

I'm with you on this.
You GO Aliza!



aliza, quiet lurker here :-) i've been wrestling with this. i've been blogging about my family since 2002, when my oldest was about 4. now that she's nearly 10 and can read, she's a bit peeved that i write about her. when i do, i try to write about things that will not, if found by her googling classmates, completely embarrass her to tears. but it's a tough line.


Goodness, Aliza. I find your personal blog insightful--I rarely think about such stuff. I typically cover just plain ol' travel stuff. But I write about others a lot, both in the blog and in the Anchorage Daily News (www.adn.com/life/travel). I s'pose that comes from my newspaper heritage. But with that heritage there are some explicit rules, mostly regarding libel. And truth is a great defense. But I've also learned the hard way that sometimes I can be really right....dead right. Editors have saved my butt more than once. As bloggers, we're at a disadvantage in that respect.

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