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September 25, 2008



So the only way to see or have an interest in the world is if your parents give you a passport and a backpack at 18 and push you out the door? What? If you work you can't see the world? Double what?

Her answer to the proximity question just makes me cringe, because there are ways in which it could have been answered so much more coherently. She could have said things that made that absurd claim make sense. But she didn't. She stuttered and stammered through the same answer she gave before. Did nobody prep her for giving that answer? Did they not expect anyone would ask about it again?

Hopes and Dream

There is no foreign policy edge work being done here in Alaska when it comes to Russia. Since WWII Russia and the United Stats have played airspace games ever since. We even have drills scheduled. The only thing she manages out there is the fish and crab fishing in those waters... If anyone is keeping an eye on that stuff it's the guys from Dutch Harbor who report crossing over into our space.

It doesn't matter if McCain, or Obama is elected, once we wright that 700 Billion dollar check, neither is going to have headroom at all to make things happen.

McPalin thinks we need to police the world, how do we pay for that? We're just trying to keep our banks from going under, and let me tell you the automakers and airlines are going to be in the next round of bailout!

Maybe Mark Begich is right ( I hate to admit ), but we need to spend the money at home and build infrastructure to sustain our people vs. writing checks of 1200.00 for each Alaskan.

Pull our troops and resources back home and recover. Once we're strong enough to stand on our own then we can go forward with confidence... Right now Sarah, we live on a no confidence platform than any third world country.

What good did this post have? Probably nothing, because many of us took our incentive checks and purchased plasma screen tvs and refilled our ambian rx

If you are awake then watch this video:


With all due respect to all the commentary, Aliza's post is really addressing whether or not Sarah Palin is fit to be the Vice President of the United States. Aliza's point about Palin's inability to speak clearly or even to form an actual substantial thought is a definite concern. How would Palin communicate with the public, foreign dignitaries and world leaders and be understood? She can sit there and have a nice chat about raising children, but I also think we want the Veep to shape economic and global policy. Another point, does Sarah Palin even understand what's going on - national and internationally? I get the feeling that she's fed key messages and soundbites, but I haven't heard her answer any questions on foreign policy, what she intends to do as Veep with the pres re: economic policy, etc. If Palin is Veep, she's a heartbeat away from being one of the most powerful people in the world. She doesn't have the qualifications to step in those shoes. Being a "hockey mom," being a mayor of a miniscule town and then acting as governor for less than a full term doesn't cut it. Not to mention the fact that she hasn't given any answers to the questions reporters have asked her (and they arent' tough...they are questions any Veep candidate would get and should be able to answer).

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