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October 18, 2008



You may have met Julius Strauss in Anchorage--his story is a bit like yours

"As the weeks went by it slowly dawned on me this was not a tropical disease or a genetic brain disorder but stress, shell-shock, war fatigue, call-it-what-you-will.

Eventually, as a desperate measure, I flew to Canada, bought an ancient camper van and, as my frazzled nerves began to slowly recover, trundled north across the prairies to the frozen Northwest Territories. "
April 24 2006

He settled there with his Estonian wife and they run a lodge
His GPS coordinates
(For the record they are 50*24'34" North, 117*06'50" West.)
July 22 2006

Saga of the blown inverter
Dec 11 2007

Could have sworn he had a post on telephones and Internet in the remote Canadian wilderness, but can't find it---super blog for a professional couple who is going to a remote, snowy place!!! Great guy to be in touch with, too!

aka Irisgrl

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