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November 30, 2008



Can't say I've ever seen a blog without a "save as draft" feature. Likewise no programmer is going to write a blog from scratch; instead they'll grab any one of dozens of tried and tested codebases. Something like wordpress might offer the blogger everything the blogger wants -- but the blogger is only one aspect of a web team. Full control of data and design is more important than mimicking what your blogger is comfortable with.


I have used Blogger for years for my personal blog (too lazy/busy to export it somewhere else after all these years), but also have some professional blogs and would NOT recommend Blogger to someone starting out. The uploading of pictures is tedious, error prone (time outs) and other things are a bit clunky. I am using WordPress (free, not hosted) for any newer blogs. It has its own quirks (what is the deal with that tag for posting audio files?), but is smoother - I guess that is the geek factor of its developers (and I mean that in a good way).

I like your blog - born and raised in AK (for 30 years) and now living in CO, but with close ties to AK still.


wef - I have two blog clients who have blogging tools that do not Save as Draft so I cannot work on multiple posts at once and save them at different stages until they are ready to publish. One is using Drupal and the other is using FuseTalk. I also have a client who is unable to give their bloggers any access at all to their blog tool because it wasn't designed properly by their CMS developer to allow this so I have to email my posts and hope the person who posts it puts in the links and style tags. None of these are good solutions for anyone - blogger or blog owner.

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