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December 28, 2008



I'm feeling that I have to do this for Facebook, I just hit around 800 "friends".
I'm ok with the 1k+ twitter following.

Graeme McRae

Unfollowing stale twitterers won't lighten your load. In fact, by unfollowing some stale people and then following some active people, you made your situation worse. A practical consideration for deciding who to follow is similar to deciding which podcasts to subscribe to: if you enjoy receiving the messages. I would look amount the 800 people you follow to see which dozen or so send you the most useless "twitterea" and unfollow them.

Laura P Thomas

I've tried to address this same issue, and found like Graeme noted, that while people who don't update seem easy to drop, they're not the ones filling up my twitterstream and causing me to miss stuff.

So, I've taken a different tact and tried to delete some of those who tweet too much; but that gets hard, too because some of their tweets are good "heads up" notices when something is brewing online.

In the end, I think I must resign myself to the fact that I'm not going to be able to read it all - much like in the beginning how I had to wean myself off the urge to scroll back through pages of old tweets that I'd missed whenever I stepped away. I just dip my toes in the water when I'm there. :-)


aliza sherman

Good points about unfollowing the stale ones. Now to hunt down the useless tweeters.

Jeff Marmins

I follow based on an unrealized number of criteria. Interesting, funny, bright, industry relevant, techie, artful and inspiring. Even fellow Steeler fans! I occasionally change who a get updates from by text OR I modify a filter by keywords. Bu I'm sure not going to stop clicking"follow" on a profile that looks like someone who's tweets I just might digg (no intended cross reference).

Amanda French

How do you tell who's stale? Just by eyeballing? I've been looking for software that can tell me which of my 205 followers haven't tweeted in awhile -- so that I can get my number under my limit of 200 without having to comb through all the people I'm following & decide on a case-by-case basis.


Tweetdeck might solve this dilemna for you, since it can parse Twitter feed streams.



Great post! I just signed up for TweetDeck last night and I have been going through Mr. Tweet trying to figure out who to add. That's when I found you! Anyway, I agree (!) that too many friends can be a problem... whether it's twitter, Facebook, direct email, etc. I HATE missing messages. TweetDeck has already revealed a couple I had missed with just web twitter. There's only so much one person can read. I'm going to follow you because I liked this post!! :)


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